I take offense to being called offensively challenged

It was looking winnable there at halftime, all tied up at 40-40.  Then, in the third, Things Fall Apart. It pains me to type this…Bulls lose to the Heat 79 to 93.

I have a question.

How come every time those other guys (the Heat) trot down to their end of the court, they get a basket, and every time our Bulls run down to their side of the court, one of two things ensues:

1.) Somebody misses a basket.

2.) The group manages to commit a shot clock violation.

The Bulls have watched way too much USA Men’s hockey over the past few days. Fellas, the goal is to get points on the board, not keep the score as close to zero as possible.

It just shows you how vulnerable our Bulls are. D.J. had an off day, and we’ve come to depend on his 20+ points/game. JB usually chips in about 15+, and he’s recovering from the rib contusion. Boozer only had eight.

Thibs played eight guys, and Nazr was only in for four minutes.

I don’t even want to think about what would happen if Jo got hurt. Maybe this is what Bulls management had in mind when they set out to tank.

But the team, Thibs and his staff will have none of that.

While the crew was probably looking forward to a night on the town in South Beach, not sure they’ll feel like partying anyway, so its on to not-so-hot-Hotlanta, where let’s hope they get a win.

Hey, at least we can count on two Sunday wins in the near future:

1.) Bulls vs. Knicks at the UC noon next Sunday. Why? Do I have to state the obvious? It’s the Knicks.

2.) Bulls vs. Heat at the UC Sunday, March 9. Why? Cinjo will be in the house doing some first-hand research for Bulls Banter. A win is a given.

While I worry about the lack of offense, one thing for certain is clear. The Bulls have grit. They’ll be back, just you watch.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

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