Bulls defeat Raptors to win Eastern Conference Finals

The Bulls take Showtime North of the Border (NoB), to Canada, not Wisconsin, and win the Eastern Conference Finals by defeating the Raptors 94 to 92.

What? No? It wasn’t the Eastern Conference Finals? Well, it sure felt like it.

Just another Wednesday night post-All-Star break game, strolling through the park on a Sunday afternoon. Absolutely not.

Seven technical fouls. Two fights. Thibs surpasses Popovich’s season record for Ts. Jo gets 13 assists, the first time a center has done that since Vlade Divac in April 1996.

Jo has added a double behind-the-back bounce pass to his repertoire, and the jump passes, bounce passes, chest passes. Well, they’re just so everyday now.

So I’m not a Mom, and doesn’t look like I’ll be a Mom, but with my Bulls, I’m like a proud Mom. Boozer gets 20 points. JB gets the block at the end of the game against DeRozan to assure the Bulls a victory. Jo does it all (even laundry). Captain Kirk has 19, DJ has 19, JB adds 16, Taj 10. Dunleavy led the Bulls in rebounding with 11.

Remember that DJ was let go by the Raptors, so yes, he had something to prove. Boozer wonders what player the Raptors were looking at and calls him a “gem.”

Here’s what “proud Papa” Thibs had to say:

“DJ, he’s got a lot of courage. He’s not afraid, can shoot the ball. His teammates look for him. They know how to get him open. He’s knows how to get open, very clever, and he’s playing with a lot of confidence right now.”

“Carlos got us established in the paint early.”

“Joakim has gone to a completely different level.”

“I’ve said this all along: The only thing that’s important is what we think and what we believe,” Thibodeau said. “If we listened to what everyone had said from the start, the season would have been over. The last 25-30 games, I think we’re starting to believe we can be pretty good. If we do certain things, we have a chance to win no matter who or where we’re playing.”

Like Thibs, I still believe.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

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