Jo freaks, Carlos speaks, Bulls streak

Boy, am I ready for this West Coast trip to be over.

I can hardly remember who did what to whom and when. It seems that the pre-game show is just starting when I’m already getting my Bulls PJs on and heading to cozy bed.

Nonetheless, it was hard to miss the headlines.

On Monday in Sacramento, in a reprise of last year, the Bulls were sleepwalking, literally, at the Sleep Train Arena until Jo evidently went nuts on the refs – he lost it. Growing up, when I wasn’t having one my my best days, and threw a tantrum, we used to call those outbursts spastic fits.

Jo said, “It wasn’t a good look. I went crazy.”

He apologized and already made history by being assessed the first fine under the new League Czar, Adam Silver. In this rather hilarious video following the Bulls’ victory vs. the Suns the next night, the interviewers, including Ernie Johnson all agreed “it was French” that Jo was speaking to the refs: Arena Link Video – Joakim Noah, February 4, 2014.

There’s got to be something about the Bulls and Sacramento that don’t mix. At shootaround before the game, Carlos complained to the media about Thibs not playing him in the fourth quarter.

Oops. Carlos, this isn’t Cleveland. This is CHI. The Bulls have got class, remember, and they don’t air the dirty laundry, especially with the media.

Well, long and short of it, is that Carlos played in Q4 of the Suns game the next night, and got a big basket at the end (I, of course, didn’t see it b/c I already had retreated for sleepytime).

So the Bulls have got a big one-game win streak going now with the unlikely win against the Suns. And I indeed called it – the Bulls are winning the games they’re supposed to lose and losing the games they’re supposed to won.

Spurs – were supposed to lose, but won

Pelicans – were supposed to win, but lost

Kings – were supposed to win, but lost

Suns – were supposed to lose, but won

Tonight, it’s a 9:30 p.m. CST tipoff vs. the Warriors. And my prediction is the Bulls not only beat Golden State, but are also victorious on Sunday as they take on the Lakers on national TV (gulp, game’s on ABC, and football is over so someone might watch).

I heard the Lakers only had five players left for last night’s Cavs game, after injuries, guys fouling out, various and sundry. Let’s hope the Bulls can beat them. The Cavs sure didn’t. Poor Lu!

And you heard it here first – March 9. Bulls vs. Heat. Bulls Banter is taking the show to the UC. Section 110 row 1 seat 1. Despite my disdain for booing, there are always exceptions.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

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