What happens in the Big Easy stays in the Big Easy

Seems as if the Bulls treated this one like a trip to Vegas. More than a step behind throughout the game, with layups and free throws being missed left and right, the Bulls’ 79-88 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans best stay in the Big Easy.

Possible reasons for the travesty that was:

1.) Friday night’s celebration of Jo being named to the All-Star team, including the not-so-well-timed “site visit” along Bourbon Street resulted in no one being able to play, as evidenced by the fiasco.

2.) Realizing they wouldn’t be able to play following the Bourbon Street shenanigans, the players sent body doubles, who were ineffective, and can’t even score 80 points!

3.) Bulls too distracted by Anthony Davis – not only is he everywhere, so is his unibrow.

4.) Extremely upset about David Stern retiring, and don’t know the name or the # of new Commissioner, so call to complain about schedule vs. Western Conference not placed.

5.) Team cannot function any more given the 10-day contracts of both Cartier Martin and Mike James (who?) expired.

6.) Continuing efforts to do the opposite of what’s expected of them – by management, the fans, the League, team makes pact to lose the games they’re supposed to win (i.e. Pelicans, Kings, Lakers) and win the games they’re supposed to lose (i.e. Spurs, Suns, Warriors).

7.) Too hot in New Orleans – Jo’s hairdo all askew.

8.) Thibs too busy planning next date with Kate Upton, forgot to organize free throw clinics AND layup drills.

9.) Bulls unable to re-injure Anthony Davis’s finger so he’d have to sit out.

10.) Intentionally losing to ensure their seed in the Eastern Conference means a first round series against Brooklyn.

So not the best night at the office for our Bulls. They seemed a bit off from the get-go, and then there’s that challenge of making baskets. Boozer had four points. Dunleavy had six. They must have been the organizers of the all-nighter…it’s a different kind of shot we’re focused on now guys.

And what can you say about that kid Anthony Davis? He was omnipresent. Yes, everywhere, all the time.

The Bulls just got out-worked. And it’s not too often you see that happen.

According to Joakim, “Our edge wasn’t as good as it was in the San Antonio game, that’s for sure. Got to give them credit. They played well. We didn’t play well. We didn’t hit shots. We didn’t play as well as we wanted to defensively. The team with the better edge,” he said. “It was them. We have to play with a great edge to be competitive.

“All it takes is one quick spurt. We didn’t start off the game with any energy. Just a bad first half.”

Taj Gibson, who finished with 17 points, 10 rebounds and three blocks after a slow start, concurred: “They just played a good game. They came out with a lot of energy early and it’s kind of tough to get hit in the mouth first quarter, and we’re trying to play catch-up the rest of the game.”

Although disappointed about the loss, I’m always proud of our Bulls. The players act like professionals, they’ve got class, and seem to treat one  another and their leaders with respect. While individually humble, they’re collectively proud of the team and what the Bulls represent.

This seems to be in stark contrast to other teams, and I’m especially sad to read about what Luol is experiencing in Cleveland.

It’s well-known that Jo is not a fan of Luol’s new “hometown,” as per comments he made during the 2010 playoffs, “You like it? You think Cleveland’s cool? I never heard anybody say I’m going to Cleveland on vacation. What’s so good about Cleveland?” For kicks and giggles, you can read more here: Noah doesn’t care about booing.

Despite Jo’s disdain of the city, we know he’s not wishing any ill will on Luol, nor are the other Bulls, Thibs, or any of us…we want Luol to have nothing but a positive experience with the Cavs. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case: Report: Luol Deng shocked at mess that is the Cavaliers.

Yes indeed, I’m proud of our Bulls, and proud to be a Bulls fan.

And beating the Kings tomorrow night – whether they’re “supposed to” or not sure would help increase my admiration even more.

See Red!

Go Bulls!


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