A lot has happened in BullsLand this week

Where, oh where has Bulls Banter been? How have all 10 million, I mean, all 10 of my readers survived without the insightful banter?

Folks, in case you were wondering, Bulls Banter don’t pay the bills. That little thing called work got the best of me this week.

The headline following the Bulls’ unexpected win vs. the Spurs was to have been:


This second west coast trip (due to the ice show at the UC) is killing me! I had to go to cozy bed during halftime of the Spurs game, with the Bulls up 40 to 36. That the score was on the Bulls’ side – never woulda thunk it.

That the Spurs only had 36 points! I’ve died and gone to heaven.

In all reality – here’s what’s gone on.

1.) Bulls stun the Spurs, on national TV and pick up game 1 of their second western conference road trip. (Even though Cinjo had to go to cozy bed and couldn’t watch the second half!)

2.) Owner Jerry Reinsdorf tells WGN News the Bulls are a mediocre team.

3.) Thibs responds to Jerry Reinsdorf’s assessment of the Bulls as mediocre by refusing to utter the word mediocre. “Jerry owns the team, so he’s entitled to say whatever he wants,’’ Thibodeau said. “If that’s the way he feels . . . and the way I feel about our team is this: I’m really proud of them, and we can do even better. So I’m not selling them short.’’

4.) Charles Barkley says the Bulls are going to be irrelevant for the next few years (unless they land Melo). Hmmm, let me check with the Knicks and see how the addition of Carmelo Anthony has worked out for them…I’ll get back to you.

5.) Joakim Noah named an All-Star, for the second year in a row, and promises that this year, he’ll try to remember at least parts of the game. Due to lack of sleep during last year’s game, he disavows all knowledge of having participated. But I remember! The commentators couldn’t believe his defense. CMO. People, he may be an All-Star, but he’s still a Chicago Bull!

“All the things that Jo excels at make this team better,” Thibodeau said. “That’s why I think he deserves it so much. He started off the season slowly because of the injury in training camp, but he’s been on a tear. This is his best stretch of basketball. He’s playing great at both ends of the floor. But more importantly, it’s what he does for the team.”

6.) Trade rumors continue, with Taj Gibson the latest on the list, along with Captain Kirk and Mike Dunleavy, Jr. Our Bulls will never be the same. Oh DRose, if only you and your knee found a way to stay with us this season…

7.) Jimmy Better gets his shot back in the Spurs game, leading the Bulls with 19 points.

8.) Thanks to this evening’s (Saturday, Feb. 1) threat of Snowmageddon #55, my plans already got canceled and I can watch the Bulls defeat the Hornets, I mean, Pelicans, that is, if Anthony Davis is still out due to finger injury.

In other Bulls news, I was disappointed to learn that Nate Robinson joins his man DRose, out for the season with an ACL injury. I guess that changes my plan to see him play the Bulls at the UC on Feb. 21.

The west coast trip continues, although Bulls Banter might be a bit quiet, with these 9:30 p.m. CST start times, etc. Once equilibrium is restored with the 6 or 7 p.m. starts, let’s hope we’ll be reporting a successful record as the Bulls take to the west.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Pelicans!

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