League actions and Doc Rivers’ game plan result in Bulls’ loss to Clippers

Wait, hold on. The Bulls take issue with the NBA, the commissioner, and anyone who will listen. Anybody?

The Bulls had already petitioned the League, at least two months ago, for the schedule change which would result in the Bulls only playing Eastern Conference teams. I believe it was supposed to be on Tuesdays when it was 44 degrees (Fahrenheit), but we’ll let those requests slide.

Excuse you, why did you dispatch the Clippers to the UC last night?

Secondly, no one alerted the Bulls front office, back office, backside, whatever, about the adjustment to the national TV schedule. That is, where you subbed in a three-point shooting clinic, led by the Clippers for what was SUPPOSED to have been the Bulls vs. Clippers GAME.

So Doc Rivers’ game plan, where his team transforms from Lob City to Three Point City worked. And, it was pretty smart of him to keep Thibs out all night following their dinner, obviously the reason the Bulls forgot how to execute two key basketball fundamentals: offense and defense.

It was so satisfying to be above .500, for the day it lasted, even if it is in the Eastern Conference.

Since it’s too difficult to even look at the box score, or the final score, all I can say is that at least Thibs brought it with his comedy routine in the pre-game media session. (I’m sure the post-game, which I, of course, couldn’t watch was quite a different story.)

Thibs said, …”But every day there is something else going on. Now the rumor about my date with Kate Upton, a rumor started by me, I’m not commenting on that either.”

Since this is the most interesting outcome of the game, no surprise – there’s a story about it, complete with a video: Thibodeau turns the tide on coaching rumors, mentions ‘dating’ Kate Upton instead

At least the League got the schedule right tonight, with the Bobcats. Let’s hope Thibs doesn’t even think about eating dinner, comes up with a game plan, and the Bulls remember how to play. And the one bright spot coming out of the loss to three-point city was the return of Carlos Boozer, who scored 22 and at least kept them in it.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

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