Taj/DJ shooting clinic helps Bulls defeat Luol’s Cavs

The reunion has come and gone. Hugs before the game, hugs after the game. Watch all the hugging.

“I said I wasn’t going to be emotional but when I went over to hug Thibs, that’s when it hit me a little bit,” Deng said.

That’s the before and after. In between all that, there was some basketball to be played. Words like war and battle were used to describe the way the Bulls would attack Luol and his new team, the Cavs when they met in Cleveland on Wednesday night.

The Bulls, once again, ended up on the right side of this one, beating Luol’s Cavs 98 to 87. Poor Luol only got two baskets (but a total of 11 points). He’s all off-kilter due to the frequent rest breaks. It’s just easier and more productive to leave him in the full 48. CMO Mike Brown!

The Taj Gibson/DJ Augustin shooting clinic stole the show, with Taj having his way with jump shots. He scored 27 as he started for Boozer.

And DJ added 26, including three-pointer after three-pointer. When does the MVP campaign begin? I don’t think we have enough resources, with Jo for All-Star and Taj for Sixth Man already underway, spearheaded by Thibs.

I can almost see the third place in the Eastern Conference, now that the Bulls are at 21 and 20, and wouldn’t be at all surprised if the first round is a repeat of last year. Barclays Center here we come.

Let’s enjoy this victory while we can, because tomorrow, it’s Lob City. Oh how I hate Lob City.

And tradition dictates that Thibs has to take Doc Rivers out for dinner tonight (Thibs’ treat). Who is going to watch the tape and draw up the game plan and the create the plays? And practice saying “do your job,” “we have more than enough?”

I shouldn’t second guess the mastermind.

See Red!

Go Bulls

Beat Lob City.


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