Taj Gibson’s buzzer-beater, headed to Cleveland, where did all the point guards go?

Thibs is going to be really busy with his promotional campaigns following Taj Gibson’s buzzer-beater versus the Lakers last night. First, he was spearheading the “Joakim Noah for All-Star” campaign.

Now, add “Taj Gibson for sixth man” to the list. That Thibs. He does it all. Even laundry. Oops, sorry. That’s Jo.

But how about that game? Taj gets his first buzzer-beater ever, the Bulls are back at .500, they’re all tied up for 3rd or 4th place in the East with all of the other teams not from the NYC area.

Thibs smiled again, and there wasn’t exactly a hug or anything, but Thibs sure did seem proud of his protege, Mr. Taj. After all, he’s running plays for the guy.

And not enough can be said about DJ Augustin. He made five of seven of his 3-point attempts, including major buckets at the end; he was also the Bulls’ leading scorer with 27 points.

Can you run sixth man campaigns for two players from the same team? I dunno, but without DJ, not sure where the Bulls would be.

So TNT, how do you like us now? DRose-less Bulls vs. Kobe-less Lakers goes to OT and game is decided by a basket in the final seconds.

How did the Trail Blazers (113) vs. Rockets (126) game work out for you? Did all 55 people who live in Portland watch the game? OK, that was my evil twin…she took over Bulls Banter momentarily…

Let me just testify to how much I enjoyed listening to Neil and Stacey with the call, especially when Taj made the final layup!

And insider info, if you haven’t heard. Here in CHIberia, we’re getting word that Thibs, the players and the coaches have made a pact – it’s them vs. management.

They’re out to prove management wrong. You trade away our best player. No problem.

One superstar point guard (DRose) out for the season, the backup (Kirk Hinrich injured), his backup (Marquis Teague) traded to the Nets. No problem.

We’ve got DJ, and as of a few hours ago, Mike James is coming on back! Can you say 10-day contract?

They’re out to prove everybody wrong…and let’s hope it can continue on the next stop: Cleveland for a reunion with the Bulls’ “brother” Luol (Deng), for Wednesday’s early 6 p.m. CST match-up.

“I love Luol,” said Joakim Noah. “He’s my brother. But when that ball goes up, he’s not going to be my brother.”

Deng said, “It will definitely be weird. But as soon as the ball goes up, I want to play basketball and I want to win. I don’t want this to be Luol Deng playing his old team. I just want to win.”

“We’re friends before and after the game,” he added.

“I know how fierce of a competitor he is,” coach Tom Thibodeau said. “I know he’s going to be trying to beat us and we’re going to be trying to beat him. And then after the game we’re going to visit. I have a lot of respect for him, all the stuff he did for us, what he did for me personally. But friendship aside, we’re coming up there, we’re going to be ready.”

I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous about it, but I hope it’s a happy reunion in which the Bulls come out with the W (even if it’s just by a point).

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Cavs (sorry Lu).

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