Still recovering from Thibs’ birthday bash, Bulls lose to Wizards (again)

I don’t much like the Wizards any more. I didn’t really like them last year, nor did I like them any better when they beat the Bulls on Monday.

Fast forward a few days to Friday night, just change venues, and you’ve got the same result – a big old loss.

This time, it wasn’t so painful to watch, and the Bulls’ defense seemed to re-appear. At least John Wall couldn’t get EVERYTHING he wanted.

But they really needed me to come in during the last five minutes to make a shot.

Let’s face it, the reason for the loss is clear.

The entire team was dealing with hangovers following  Thibs’ afternoon birthday bash. It was quite a party, which began with watching tape, and of course, concluded with watching more tape.

With Thibs recently admitting he wants to “Be like Phil (Jackson),” he told the team the best way to celebrate his 56th was to watch old games of Michael and Scottie playing 45 or 46 minutes. We all know that no one has ever seen Thibs eat. Ever.

That in mind, of course, no one ordered food, this was definitely not a catered affair, which led to all of the Bulls being sluggish during the game. And instead of relaxing in comfy chairs or couches, it was rides on the stationary bikes for everyone.

I want to believe “We have more than enough,” really, I do.

At this stage, it seems as if qualifiers are in order though.

We have more than enough when we play on Tuesdays, it’s 44 degrees, the game is in a city that starts with a U against an opponent that is last or second to last in the Eastern Conference and the Bulls get to wear the Christmas pajamas uniforms.

Yup, definitely more than enough.

The Bulls are sure to give Thibs a belated birthday present in the form of a W this evening back at home against the 76ers.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Happy birthday Coach Thibs.


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