Naz sprains a finger, Wizards cast a spell, Bulls lose, Thibs blames himself

It was one of those games where I spent more time washing dishes, doing laundry and even putting together a new vacuum (and then subsequently vacuuming) than I did watching the game.

Yes, housework was a way better option than watching the Bulls struggle, get themselves in a hole, get halfway back out and then fall into the hole again, never to re-emerge.

The five-game win streak comes to an end as the crafty, fast-moving Wizards defeat our Bulls 102 to 88.

Blame it on Naz and his sprained finger or the magical spells of the Wizards. But Thibs just blames it on himself.

“We didn’t play well,” coach Tom Thibodeau said. “I didn’t coach well.”

Thibs said issues began at the morning shootaround, when he didn’t clearly convey his message of needed intensity.

Let’s face it, Thibs is dialing it in now that the Knicks job is secured for next season.

It’s that New York State of mind and all…he can’t focus, just dreaming of coaching Melo and Tyson Chandler.

When pressed by the Chicago media last week, he tried to dispel the rumor with “CMO!” Or translation: “Come on now. Come on now.”

No matter what, I got in a really good nap during halftime, and then since I was too upset to watch any of the post-game interviews and highlights, I mean, lowlights – I got to bed nice and early.

But when Boozer and Jo get poster-ized by the Polish Hammer (Gortat), you know you’ve reached a new all-time low.

Here’s the thing. I’m sure it’s all part of Thibs’ master plan anyway. He really wants to wait to make the move up to third in the Eastern Conference until as far into the season as possible. Just give the Knicks and the Nets some semblance of hope…

We know the Bulls are offensively challenged. When you compound that with lack of defense, you end up with one ugly night.

There are rumblings, which I’m sure will make their way to the likes of the Bulls team stream and Bleacher Report soon, and they center around a strategic blunder GarPax (the combination of GM Gar Forman and VP of Basketball Operations John Paxson) made recently.

That is, they haven’t yet signed the world-renowned (in her own mind) NMSG (non-moving shooting guard) Cindy Joy “Cinjo” Olsen to a 10-day contract.

Surely she’s the solution to the offensive part of the equation. Defense. Not so much. Defense runs much better for her when she’s alone on the floor, and gets a lot of coffee breaks, I mean, time outs.

But after last night, it seems like the Bulls should be willing to do just about anything.

Tomorrow its a stop in balmy FL, continuing this week’s “magical” or “not-yet-so-magical” theme as the Bulls face Orlando. And then on Friday, the Bulls get a chance to redeem themselves against the Wizards.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

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