You guys are into the aesthetics; I’m into the wins

So says Thibs, as the Bulls once again Beat the bottom-feeding Bucks in the most ugly fashion possible, by a score of, wait for it: 81 to 72. Yup! The Bulls scored more than 80.

However did they do it?

First, the mad scientist (Thibs) was in his lab this week, test tubes, gloves, goggles and all mixing up the only potion he could – bribe the refs to call as many fouls as possible on the Bucks. By the end of the first quarter, most Bucks players had successfully picked up two. Larry Sanders fouled out by the end of the game.

Formula worked. The Bulls made 27 of 39 free throws attempted to the Bucks’ 9 of 12. Way to go Thibs! There IS a way for the Bulls to put points on the scoreboard.

Or, some may point to Friday’s signing of superstar forward Cartier Martin as the reason for the victory. Ooops, he didn’t play. OK, maybe not.

It must be the venue – United Center North (the Bradley Center in Milwaukee), where half of the 5,000 fans in attendance are cheering for the Bulls.

No matter how they got it done, they got it done.

But a real controversy is brewing here in CHI, and I’m not sure the news has made it to SportsCenter, TMZ, Entertainment Tonight or CNN yet.

Jo’s not talking. But everyone else is talking about Jo not talking:

Bulls’ Noah remains silent after Deng trade

Joakim Noah’s media silence continues

Bulls’ Noah remains silent on Deng

Let’s face it, the guy is frustrated. More than that. He’s angry. His pal Luol is sent away, and Jo feels like management is giving up on the season. We’re sad and mad too, Jo. And we don’t blame you for the silence.

Because we, like you would certainly say the wrong thing. But don’t forget, your coach, the mad scientist and ultimate competitor will not allow this to be a lost season.

After all, he got the memo about the top goal of the author of Bulls Banter being to make it to a playoff game. To that end, newsflash – the Bulls moved up to #5.

You might be eventually have to play with an assortment of assistant coaches, fans from the stands, UC staff and Benny the Bull, but darn it all, you’re going to win. (That is, until Thibs gets trade to the Knicks.)

Jimmy Buckets: “As long as we win, that is what this team is all about. Nobody cares about stats and all of that. As long as you get a win in the win column that is the best stat you can have as a team. I think (defense) is what we pride ourselves on, guarding and letting that lead to offense. More than anything we’re going on a little win streak and we have to keep that going.”

Let’s hope the win streak continues tonight when the Bobcats meet you at the UC. That would make it five! Watch out Brooklyn…


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