LAL (not LOL, and I’m not laughing), NTWT


I checked my Bulls Team stream when I got up this morning and saw Sam Smith’s blog on – Luol Deng leaves a powerful Bulls legacy, and didn’t want to believe it.

It confounded me that the Bulls would consider bringing someone like Andrew Bynum to the team, when he seems to be the antithesis of a Bull. (After my first cup of coffee, I realized – Bynum would be gone by 4 p.m. CST. As Pax said in the press conference, this wasn’t a basketball decision, it was a financial decision.)

And Luol, on the other hand, epitomizes the Bulls and everything they stand for. Quality. Character. Team First. Class. And besides all that, he was an amazing player and a two-time (and soon to be three-time) All Star.

Since I began following the Bulls again, I haven’t known the team without him, and fans truer than me have enjoyed Luol as a Bull for 10 years.

He will be missed, but oh the memories, and how fitting he sank that shot from half court on Saturday during his final game as a Bull.

But my favorite memory is from one of my birthday games: Luol Deng Buzzer Beater vs. Toronto – March 24, 2012.

No, the Bulls will not be the same without him, but now I at least have a reason to make it to the UC for Cavs games.

Lu, thanks for the memories.

NTWT (No Tanking with Thibs)

In case you thought the Bulls might be “tanking” given this new-found development. Umm, well, you would be wrong.

The Bulls just beat the Suns 92-87.

No DRose

No Luol

No Boozer

No Marquis Teague (who?)

No problem.

There might only be 9 guys left on the team (until Cinjo is signed), but they have heart, and five were in double figures tonight (Taj, the Bulls’ leading scorer, who started for Carlos, with 19, then Jo, Jimmy, Tony and DJ added the rest).

Do they have something to prove? I would say they do, and there’s No Tanking With Thibs (NTWT), so get ready to enjoy some Bulls basketball, because they’re not stopping at the #6 seed in the Eastern Conference.

As Stacey King likes to say, or scream, usually as dunk color commentary – “I wanna go higher.”

See you at the top.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Good luck in Cleveland Lu!

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