New year, new opportunities

Happy New Year to our Bulls and to my blog readers everywhere. And happy birfday to Bulls Banter, who turns one today! Indeed, I launched the site on January 1, 2013, and a lot has happened since then.

Instead of focusing on last night’s game against our friends, or rather, foes from north of the border (no, not the Bucks, the Raptors), I thought we could instead be thankful for the many memories the Bulls brought us in 2013.

Breaking the Heat’s win streak AND the Knicks’ win streak (reminder: the Knicks were good last year).

Beating Indiana for my “birthday” game on March 22.

The emergence of Jimmy Butler (last season) and Taj Gibson (this season).

Nate Robinson’s performance in the triple OT win against the Nets in the playoffs.

The game 7 win against the Nets, sending the Bulls to the second round against those other guys from FL (not Orlando).

It hasn’t been a walk in the park this year, but then again, when do things always work out the way you want them to? Instead of wearing my cranky pants (Thibs needs them back), I’m trying to put on my chipper hat and realize it’s not the end of the world here.

Was DRose’s season-ending injury unexpected and unfortunate? Absolutely – on both counts. But it seems like he is likely dealing with it a lot better than me and other fans out there. He kinda has the right to be the most upset of us all.

As Thibs has said many a time, it’s how you handle the adversity. I want to stomp my feet and act like a two-year old, when the Bulls lose these games, but no, that’s not the right approach.

I was trying to remember this morning, as I practiced my layups and jump shots, how many championships did the Bulls win when Michael Jordan was out for the season? How about the Heat without that other guy?

One of my goals for the season was to make it to a playoff game, and I will prevail! So here’s what the Bulls have to do, just to start. Thursday night when the Celtics visit the UC, please, please beat them, because then it looks like our Bulls could be in 8th place in the world-renowned Eastern Conference with a win over Boston!

Not exactly sure that I did my math calculations correctly…there’s some adding and then figuring out percentages. I better call Dad for a quick tutorial to sort it.

I’m hopeful that 2014 will treat the Bulls better then the end of 2013. With the starting lineup back and healthy, and me at the game on Saturday night, we’re definitely on the right track. I’ll be the one in section 122 row 3 seat 18 (aisle), behind the visitors’ bench holding up the “I heart Thibs” sign.

Do you think that’s too much?

See Red!

Go Bulls

Happy 2014!

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