Bulls make and keep New Year’s resolution a little early with win over Grizzlies

I’m sure it was Thibs’ idea. That is, to make the New Year’s resolution list just a little bit earlier than everyone else.

Why? Well, desperate times, desperate measures, etc. After Saturday night’s destruction by Dallas, they, we, me, you, everyone. We’ve had about enough.

The title of K.C. Johnson’s (Tribune) article kind of sums it up: Ugly win on road is beautiful for Bulls. He reportedly even heard (wait for it…) laughter in the visitors’ locker room following the game.

There definitely have been a whole lot of laughers this season. But not a lot of laughter.

So it’s a win, no matter how ugly, and more importantly, the victory comes against a Western Conference team. So that’s two Ws against those high-flying offensively-minded teams from Hollywood, etc. You know, the teams with guys named Blake Griffin and KD and such.

I’ll admit, I might have begun penning, or typing this blog a bit too early, because I was going to write about how it’s more of the same. Same story. Different night.

Thibs argues with the refs about the fouls that really shouldn’t have been fouls. Thibs gets a T.

Bulls misunderstand NBA rules and focus on tallying more turnovers than field goals, which they accomplished quite successfully, especially in the first half, with 14 turnovers, just shy of the 17 points they scored in the first quarter.

Somebody’s injured, recovering from injury, caught a flu bug.

To my surprise, despite Jimmy’s ongoing turf toe (I don’t really want to know what it is, or why the word turf is even in there), he led the Bulls’ scoring with 26 points (season high).

Now Jimmy’s my kind of guy. While “brunching” with some of the vets, they told him to have fun. CMO? What? Fun? Too much Memphis BBQ for sure.

And Boozer’s back, with 21 points and his sneaky moves, as the double double (21 points, 10 rebounds) machine chugs along.

Never, never, never give up. And they didn’t. They dug themselves out of any hole they landed in, and even led by 18. When the Grizzlies emerged from their slumber and the double-digit lead had slipped away, our Bulls still found a way to overcome.

The feel-good movie of the year!

Not exactly, but I hope this trend of keeping their New Year’s resolution to win carries well into ’14.

With the win streak at one, the Bulls spend their New Year’s Eve “partying” with the Raptors (Oh Canada!) tonight at the UC.

See Red, Go Bulls and Happy New Year.

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