Bulls feel what it’s like to be the Nets, or the Knicks – but without the boos

There are oh so many titles you could give this Bulls Banter blog following the Bulls’ loss to the Mavs last night 105-83.

Can we just replay the Christmas 2013 game and call it a night?

If we can’t wear our Christmas pajamas, we’re not going to play.

Still recovering from the unexpected two-game win streak, Bulls send in proxy – ImposterBulls.

Western Conference? What Western Conference? Get me my contract.

Bulls too busy looking into defensive mirror as Mavs steal their game plan.

Trying to see what it feels like to walk in the other guy’s (Nets, Knicks) shoes, Bulls attempt to get fans to boo, but not even 32-point deficit was enough. Sigh. It sure is boring here in the Midwest.

With UConn women unavailable to give Bulls lesson in winning by double digits, Bulls do the opposite and lose by double digits.

Seeking to set league record for fewest points scored in a game, Bulls successfully enter halftime vs. the Mavs with just 34. Victory is ours!

Dear David Stern: Due to high volume of holiday mail, you must have missed our request to play Eastern Conference teams only, and the Knicks and Nets as much as possible. It’s Saturday, December 28, and the Mavericks are here at the UC. We’re confused. Sincerely, Chicago Bulls.

Bulls saving all of their offense (and defense) for January 4 game when Cinjo’s at the UC.

So there is one little difference between the Bulls and some of those other teams. They actually didn’t give up. In fact, in the fourth quarter, they cut the Mavs’ lead to 14, or some kind of manageable number. I think the crowd might have woken up and a few attendees applauded.

Jo was a beast. But indeed, too little too late.

Jo kinda summed it up. “We didn’t play well. We didn’t play well offensively. We didn’t play well defensively.”

So now our Bulls head to Memphis to play, you guessed it, another Western Conference team. Someone at the NBA League office has really made a big mistake with the schedule.

Or perhaps, it’s cold, harsh reality, which I, for one, am struggling to face. The Bulls are ninth place in a horrible Eastern Conference, in a year when they were meant to win the NBA Title.

So I’m headed to church, for the second time in a week to pray for us all. See, miracles do happen. And we really need more than a few here in BullsLand.

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