Chicago Bulls return, ImposterBulls dispatched to Z League

Bulls win! Bulls win!

I wasn’t sure if and when it was ever going to happen, but last night at the UC, they managed to not only score 100 points, they did so with a season high 53.6 shooting percentage, beating the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And since the fans at the UC receive a free Big Mac when the Bulls score 100, it was a festive and happy night in BullsLand. The crowd probably never thought they’d get a free Big Mac ever again.

At the start of the season, would you ever have guessed that rookie Tony Snell (aka Tony Tony Tony) would be a starter, and score 17 as the Bulls embark on their win streak? And this Rookie to the Rescue received the highest praise from Thibs.

“I love the way Tony played,” Thibodeau said. “He didn’t force anything. He shot when he was open. He passed when he was guarded. He competed defensively. That probably was his best game as a pro.”

See what can happen when you live in the gym and survive on a diet of drills and tape?

The newest member of the team, D.J. Augustin has jumped right in and has taken over for Lu as the minutes leader. No rest until 1:36 left. He scored 18 and added 10 assists, a double double.

Not exactly what anyone envisioned as the Bulls began their 2013-2014 championship run.

Thibs: “Like I said all along, I have great belief in this team, great belief in this team.”

Indeed, so do I, but just in case additional help is needed, at yesterday’s basketball practice, I learned how to rebound, and created a new position, which I believe will be a great complement to what the Bulls are already doing.

It’s the NMSG – non-moving shooting guard. I’m pretty fierce when I can stand in one spot on the court, just outside the paint and shoot jumpers. Just don’t make me run, and please, don’t defend me. You interested Thibs? I promise, I can give you two good minutes.

So now it’s on to Brooklyn for what we hope is a Christmas miracle as the Bulls face the Brooklyn Nets for an 11 a.m. CST start. Ouch. We know our vampire Bulls have a difficult time in general, but if the game doesn’t start at 7 or 7:30 p.m. local time, well, it’s like that book “When Bad Things Happen to Good People.”

You hate to see a player out for the season, but I’ll admit, I am feeling a twinge of gratefulness that the playing field is at least a bit more level since the Nets lost Brook Lopez for the season.

Merry Christmas, and See Bulls Red!

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