Jo – All Star, leading scorer, actor and now PR man…

In what’s becoming less of a surprise and more of an everyday or every night occurrence, our Bulls lost to the Thunder on Thursday. Sigh. Again.

I was at a holiday dinner at BellyQ with my pals Lola and Sonal, so I missed the first half. Evidently, in the course of that timeframe, Luol was scratched from the starting lineup (Achilles) and Jimmy managed to sprain his ankle.

I’m glad I was at BellyQ, which, incidentally, in keeping with the Bulls Banter theme here…is located in the building which used to house the restaurant one sixtyblue, owned in part by Michael Jordan.

So to sum up where we are with Bulls players

DRose – out

Luol – out

Jimmy Gets Buckets – out

Captain Kirk – out

Taj Gibon – about to be out due to wrist sprain

So DRose’s backup (Kirk Hinrich) is out, and his backup is DJ Augustin, who the Bulls signed less than a week ago. Welcome to the Bulls, my friend! You interested in playing 48 minutes a night, a la Luol?

Rumor has it that the backup to the backup to the backup point guard, Mike James, who they let go on Monday is coming back…and Marquis Teague, who they tried to send to the D League one Tuesday morning is backing up all backups. He, of course, was recalled the same day he was sent away because Mike James, who was still with the team at the time had a bad knee (or, just insert another injury here…).

Marquis earned his money that day just taking the commuter flight from CHI to Iowa (done it, and it’s neither a pretty nor a smooth trip).

Despite these challenges, the Bulls actually stayed in the game against KD and company, and for a while there…wait, hold on…it seemed as if they could tie the game.

Ah, but that would be too much. A win, and on national TV no less?

Joakim, in an effort to take on a new role in Bulls public relations, successfully managed to deflect all conversation about the Bulls and their downward spiral of a season when he got tossed out of OKC’s locker room by Thunder player Kendrick Perkins – Perkins, Noah exchange words.

This, of course, builds upon his acting career, as evidenced in two recent commercials: NBA ESPN Thinking Out Loud in Sleep and BMO Harris Weekend.

Oh, and about the OKC game. Jo was his usual All Star self, leading all Bulls with 23 points, and adding in 12 rebounds. Indeed, yet another double double.

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. But we could use more than a few healthy dogs in order to win the fight.

See Red, and Go Bulls!


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