In the heart of NYC, the Bulls show more heart, but it wasn’t enough

Heart alone doesn’t win you games. But it sure did make a big difference, as the Bulls rallied with a series of steals and scores late in the third. For a quarter there, we had a game!

During the second, I thought I would have to write that Thibs decided to tank the team, because nothing was going right.

It’s been difficult for your faithful Bulls blogger to get up for writing about these losses, just like it’s hard for our guys to get up for playing a team like the Milwaukee Bucks.

But sigh, they lost to them too, on Tuesday, a battle of bad. And by bad, I mean bad, not, well good.

I keep wondering how the winning teams, the likes of OKC, the Pacers, Heat and Spurs would fare playing night in and night out with one starter, maybe two. Hmmm.

When Carlos Boozer is your healthiest player and Mike Dunleavy, Jr. is your leading scorer, well, that kind of says it all. Not an ideal Bulls world. The Bulls really don’t have enough to win with right now, but reinforcements, and a new player (D.J. Augustin) will arrive soon…and I promise you, they’ll be back to their winning ways.

Remember, I set a goal to attend a playoff game this year, and I will, let’s just hope the Bulls can make it into slot 4 or 5 to avoid the you know who’s. [Hint, one team is made up of giants, and the others are Hollywood.]

For once, it was nice to be on the other side of a meltdown at Madison Square Garden, just wish the Bulls found a way to make enough baskets to get the W.

So it’s Thrill-waukee for another chance at the bottom feeding Bucks on Friday (away at United Center North), and then Saturday vs. Toronto at home, and yours truly could find her way to that game…it’ll be a gametime decision.

Have Heart. See Red, and Go Bulls!


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