And then there were 9, Thibs forgets to implement new strategy

As Jo reported (by mistake) following shootaround preceding the Pistons game, Lu is injured. Thibs had to come back out to clarify, and he said it was Lu’s calf, but I guess it’s his Achilles.

Despite suffering the injury in the last Pistons game the night before Turkey Day, Lu has since played 137 minutes, and scored 20+ points in all three of those games (Cavs, Pelicans, Heat).

Do you see where I’m going with this? No Lu, no MVP, no Jimmy Butler, no backup point guard (Mike James).

And to top it all off, Thibs, rather uncharacteristically, neglected to implement the new agreed-upon strategy. That is, to dress the opponent in Heat uniforms and keep Jo in for the entire game.

Following Thursday’s blowout, yes, blowout of the Heat, Luol said, “If we played Miami 82 times a season, Jo would probably be the best player in the league,” said Deng. “He loves playing against them. We all do. We get up for them.”

So not sure why Thibs wasn’t able to get the Pistons into their Heat uniforms for last night’s game. Certainly, that’s why it all went wrong and the Bulls stalled vs. Detroit.

Or, it could have been that I wasn’t able to watch the game because I was out at Pizano’s Pizza.

Then there’s that part about only have 9 guys on a 12-man team.

You choose. Any excuse will do, at least for me.

Even Thibs has backed down from “more than enough to win with” to “It was choppy. We changed the starting lineup and that changed the second unit. And I thought we were just getting into a pretty good rhythm.”

Starting Tuesday, it’s four games in five nights, but at least three of them are winnable – Bucks (2 games) and Knicks. Oh Canada! Toronto Raptors can be pesky, but hopefully, we’ll have somebody, anybody back by next week, and the Bulls will find their winning ways.

Meantime, are there any UConn games I can watch?


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