This changes everything, or at least, almost everything

It all changed, again on Friday night, for DRose, his Bulls, and me and you, the fans.

Again, the Bulls find themselves without the cornerstone of the team. And the pursuit of championship #7, which was going to have been none too easy with DRose at the helm. Well, it just got a whole lot more difficult.

The pundits are now talking of a major implosion. This was to have been the last chance for the core – D, Luol, Jo and Carlos…and we’ll likely never seem them play together again.

Heartbreaking? In my book yes. Sad, mad, disappointed, frustrated. That’s how I feel. And I’m just on the sidelines, taking my place on the couch or in the stands as their #1 fan.

Cannot even imagine how DRose is feeling…here we go again! Surgery, rehab, questions from the media, the fans, letting the team down.

Whatever game may have taken place yesterday afternoon out in Hollywood doesn’t count. They re-start today, and thankfully, they made it out of Lob City and now face a team that you could say is even more down on their luck than our Bulls (all that Jazz).

What’s different this time is that they weren’t prepared. Take DRose out of the mix, and without the likes of Nate the Great or Marco B, well, it’s a different ball game.

“We’re the Chicago Bulls. We have one goal, and that’s to win. And I believe we can”

That’s what Thibs says, and I understand the first part, and I believe the second part, but when it comes to the third part, I’m not quite there yet – without DRose, that is.

As mentioned earlier, DRose’s injury is the start in what is sure to cause a big old domino effect. These Bulls as we know them and love them – well, it’s the end of their road, and potentially Thibs’ too.

But here’s what won’t change. True Bulls fans like you and me will continue to support them, we’ll keep watch the games, write our blogs, head to the United Center, and jump on the Bulls bandwagon.

Excuse me while I mourn just a little bit, as the reality hasn’t sunken in yet. Although I did hit the court this morning, and learned a spin move at practice on Saturday. I, like DRose and the rest of the team must fight on and play on.

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