Altitude, basket covers, Nate the Great, ejections – it’s a circus!

The Bulls (and Blackhawks) were sent away from their UC home to make room for the circus.

When I was a kid, I used to love going to the circus, at Madison Square Garden, and before we left the house Mom used to make hot dogs. Don’t know why I remember that, and not sure why it matters…

But I’d rather talk about anything but the Bulls’ forgettable performance in Denver last night, even if it means reminiscing about my childhood.

The idea was to escape the circus, not create one of your own. The basket covers were up for Luol Deng the whole night, and for the rest of the team here and there.

You can blame it on the altitude, or the basket covers, or Taj Gibson being ejected, but a few minutes into the fourth, when Nate hit to two threes and Thibs got the technical. Well, I knew those were the signs.

It was time for me to make my way to cozy bed. It’s hard to believe that the Bulls weren’t able to snap their 7-loss streak against the Nuggets (at home) purely by me watching from my couch.

No, they need more than that, but with Jimmy Buckets out, Thibs unable to call the rookies because he forgot their names, and the league’s failure to move this away game to Toronto, as requested – it really was quite a show. But definitely not the greatest show on earth.

I liked Nate a lot more when he played for our Bulls, and I liked the Bulls a lot more when they were making a win run, not this kind of run.

Silver linings – Noah almost had a triple double, DRose was close to the DRose we know and love, Boozer, well, he was Boozer.

And besides, it could be way, way, way worse – we could be the Knicks or the Nets, all tied up for second from the basement in the Eastern Conference. I’d rather be the Bulls…

…at least until tonight in Portland, as they face #2 in the West, the Portland Trailblazers, who have their own 8-game win streak underway. The Bulls will have to get back to their streak-busting ways, there’s no other way around this one. Oh, and I just looked it up, and the last time our Bulls won in Portland was on Feb. 3, 2007. Umm, that was almost six years ago.

They’ve got room on the roster now, so it seems like it’s time they work out EBC’s star shooting guard, Cindy Joy “Cinjo” Olsen, as I’m not sure what else can save them. Perhaps Benny the Bull should have made the trip. Well, at least it’s back to normal elevations, and hopefully, someone removes the basket covers.

See Red, and Go Bulls! Beat the Blazers.

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