Bulls petition league for alteration to road schedule

The Bulls hereby formally and solemnly request to play all of their road games at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto vs. the Raptors.

No more Madison Square Garden, Staples Center, Bradley Center, Boston Garden (or whatever it’s called now), Barclays Center, American Airlines Arena.

Air Canada Centre, S’il vous plait.

It got so bad for the poor Raptors, the lone Canadian team, that the fans were booing. I guess they take their cues from Knicks fans. Andrea Bargnani can’t escape it. No matter where he goes, it’s boos.

I’ll admit, I actually started to feel a little badly about the way the lowly Raptors, with UConn alum Rudy Gay were getting dismantled by the Bulls. The feeling subsided when I remembered that the Raptors beat the Bulls good, real good last season, I want to say at least twice…but I’ve already erased the memory.

Most encouraging about the game? Hard to choose between…

Jo is officially back, racking up 18 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists and a steal. There were a lot of tweets from the Sam Smiths and Nick Friedells of the world about a rare occurrence – Thibs was seen clapping.

Chirping? Crying? Chiding? No, clapping, for Jo, every time he scored.

Kirky Wirky (sp?) aka Captain Kirk ran the team like he did last year, with confidence, getting everyone involved, and bringing a sense of calmness and stability to the game.

But then on the other end of the floor – the defense. Yowza. I think the word is stifling. In the first half, the Raptors couldn’t get a shot anywhere anytime anyhow. One word to describe them – flustered. Although, DeRozan found in way in the second half…

Balanced scoring again, with all starters in double figures.

Tonight, the Bulls are set to continue their home win streak, and reprise their role as streak-busters. Last year, they ended Miami’s 27 games and the Knicks’ 13.

Tonight at the UC, DRose or no DRose, it’s the streak-busting Bulls on the case once again, with the Pacers going home 9-1.

See Red, and Go Bulls.


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