Bulls head to mini training camp

The reward for their 15-point victory over the Cavs?

Thibs is holding a mini training camp. With three days off until the next game (away at Toronto – we know what that means. It’s a good thing I just got my passport renewed. I might be needed).

But seriously, with three days off, what else would one do but suffer through, I mean participate in a Thibs camp?

During the post-game press conference, Thibs claimed that was the plan, but other sources report this morning that the Bulls get a day off, then two days of practice.

So back to the game.

Reports say that DRose’s fourth quarter injury was just a hamstring strain, and he’ll be good to go vs. the Raptors. Phew.

What you have to love about the Bulls’ performance last night is equilibrium is being restored.

1.) DRose is beginning to dominate once again.

2.) Balanced scoring, with all starters in double figures.

3.) Mike “3-point” Dunleavy did what he was hired to do – made 3-pointers, etc., adding 15 points.

4.) Turnovers down to 11, and 0 for the MVP.

5.) Bulls crawl up to #6 in the Eastern conference…so much better than last week’s third from the basement.

6.) Cinjo dozes off during the third quarter.

It feels good to be back on track, and although it’s no 55-point victory (ala UConn women) – we’ll take it.

And while the Bulls are at camp, we all best rest up for three nights of basketball in four days – Friday-Raptors; Saturday-Giants aka Pacers; Monday-Bobcats.

See Red, and Go Bulls!

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