Bulls remain undefeated

So, the Bulls remain undefeated. OK, if you want to get specific about it, they remain undefeated at home, having beat the now 0-6 Utah Jazz last night at the UC.

Usually, I would feel badly about such an incompetent team, and find myself turning away at some points in the game so as not to have to witness the beating our Bulls gave to the poor Jazz.

Not any more. Given the recent turn of events, where our Bulls find themselves fighting for every point, I feel no mercy.


So Thibs has been talking about keeping the # of turnovers per game down to 13. This seems to have caused some confusion, as the Bulls were focused on reaching 13 before the end of the half.

They successfully accomplished this feat during about two minutes in the second quarter, where each player took turns handing the ball over to a Jazz player of his choosing.

Guys – Thibs meant 13 over the entire course of the game.


One of the most encouraging displays during the routing of the Jazz was the re-emergence of Jo as we know and love him.

In the post-game interview, Thibs complimented Jo’s hustle plays, saving the ball from going out of bounds, and his overall enthusiasm. Basically, for doing everything that we expect Jo to do. And 14 points.

He’s back.


So now Naz owes Luol dinner.

Luol was one assist shy of a triple double. And Big Naz tried, really he did, but unsuccessfully. And not to brag, but I think I could have made the 16-footer he missed. (But I likely wouldn’t have made the reverse layup in traffic that he also missed).

Lu ends the night with 19 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists and five steals. Not too shabby. But sorry, Lu, you just end up with a consolation dinner.


“You have to put the work into it. You can’t hope it to happen, you have to make it happen. And we need everybody doing it. We can’t rely on a certain two or three guys to do everything. Our entire team is needed. This isn’t a Derrick issue. This is a team issue. And we have to correct it.”

That’s what Thibs has to say after the Bulls’ underwhelming performance this past Wednesday versus those non-rival Pacers.

And the team came to play vs. the Jazz, with double digit scoring from all starters but Jimmy Buckets – Luol 19 / Boozer 18 / Jo 14 / DRose 12. And Taj added a dozen.

So the Bulls might have “only” beaten the lowly Jazz, but they needed that win more than Thibs needs to pipe down.

See you on Monday for another victory, this time vs. the Cavs. My pal Kate will be at the game. She’s my proxy, and with her at the UC, the Bulls should secure a 3-3 record, which is sounding a whole lot better than last week’s 1-3. Note: It’s difficult to even type that.

See Red, and Go Bulls!

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