Unfamiliar territory

It seems that this is unfamiliar territory for me, and for the Bulls, all of the losing games, when “having more than enough to win” means the best you can do is beat a YMCA team on a Sunday afternoon.

Being tied with the Wizards and Knicks at the bottom of the Eastern conference, with way more losses than wins, well, it’s not a place any of us are used to calling home.

No, not used to this at all. Don’t like it one bit, and it’s not the way the story was to have been written this year.

But there’s this concept in basketball called scoring. This involves making what’s called a basket, for which you receive either two points or three points (excluding any additional points from three throws – that’s for another lesson).

And ideally, you’re supposed to score in a variety of ways – three-pointers, mid-range jump shots, going to the rim, floater, catch and shoot, circus shots.

Unfortunately, the theme that’s emerged is – the Bulls can’t score. Nope, not any which way.

Sadly, their opponents, in this case, the Pacers, score – a lot, in a variety of ways, and seemingly, uncontested. They make it look easy, sauntering their seven-foot bods down the court, and any time they attempt to score – they do! (Except for Lance Stephenson who thought he was just supposed to just do so in Q4).

Our Bulls don’t seem to wanna score in any quarter. It’s like they’re kicking and screaming about it. Guy’s this isn’t a root canal. It’s basketball.

So I’m not loving this too much, nor are Bulls fans around the world, and I know our guys are feeling the shame and pain.

But Thibs will rally the troops with some kind of “it’s how you respond to adversity” speech, and that’s hopefully supposed to help change this nightmare, along with a lot of practice.

Good thing there’s a future All-Star shooter waiting in the wings. She’s followed quite a different path to the NBA, training at the East Bank Club, at five 10 and unnamed weight, and at 46, she’d be the oldest player in the League.

Honestly…looking at the schedule, the Bulls might be able to win one (putting on optimism cap now) Friday night versus the 0 and 5 Jazz.

Let’s hope we don’t remain in this unfamiliar territory for too long, and get back to the place we all love – top of the Eastern Conference, in a world where DRose rules and the Bulls score, every one of them, early, often, all the way to the Finals.


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