Takeaways from loss to 76ers

So it worked out well that I was at Ruth’s Chris enjoying a petit filet rather than watching the Bulls let a 20-point lead slip away, leading to a defeat at the hands of the 76ers.

Here are a few takeaways from the unfortunate and unexpected loss:

1.) It’s obvious that I need to be in attendance at all games, both home and away. I’ll be accepting donations for tickets and flights on a separate site to be set up shortly. I see no other option at this point. The Bulls need me.

2.) One ends up with a lot of free time when the Bulls lose as it’s not necessary to read the articles, troll SportsCenter and Comcast SportsNet for the Bulls coverage – because one is too upset to read and/or watch any of it. Instead, fans can work out, run errands, etc. Additionally, it’s not necessary to watch the 2 a.m. game replay, as that causes pain and suffering. Let’s hear it for a good night’s sleep and increased productivity.

3.) Thibs is going to have to come up with some new Thibs-isms, and fast. “We have more than enough” no longer seems applicable. In fact, I think it might be a lie.

4.) Being all tied up with the Heat on the bottom half of the Eastern Conference, well, there’s just all kinds of wrong with that statement.

5.) As predicted, the so-called “city of brotherly love” is anything but.

6.) It ain’t easy being a Bulls fan.

Between now and Wednesday, when the Bulls arrive in Indy to face those Pacers and their 3-0 record, I’m sure Thibs will come up with a plan. Or else I may find myself going out for a lot of steak dinners this season.

Breakthrough game – I can feel it.

See Red, and Go Bulls!

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