Good luck charm lifts Bulls to win at home opener

The Bulls’ good luck charm, Cindy “Cinjo” Olsen’s mere presence at the UC on Halloween for the home opener was enough to help the Bulls get the win.

That’s the view from some altered reality.

What really happened was…the Bulls put together a true team effort, with Mr. DRose to the rescue with seconds left, with the floater.

Roseworthy indeed.

It’s taken me time to post because I’ve been so busy working to help fund the ticket addiction that I haven’t had a moment to write.

After Thursday night’s game, third row, center court (aisle seat), with the clapping, cheering, standing up and down, I was not only sweating – but beat! While I would love to be there for every game – I’m not sure my body, or my bank account can bear it.

But I met my match – Glenda. She was sitting next to me, and she’s from Alaska and flew in just for the game. And she had already been in for the preseason opener.

This makes my Bulls obsession look like child’s play…

While the Bulls might not be in championship form quite yet, they’re all knocking off that proverbial rust, and it was a true team effort.

Now it’s on to Philadelphia, where nobody, not even the Heat seem to be able to escape with the W. I guess Erik (Spoelstra) is “re-using” the Thibs non-traditional lose a few at the beginning of the season strategy. He he Heat lost to the 76ers.

I might not be laughing too much tomorrow, as our Bullys head to the city of brotherly love for tonight’s game. I’m not convinced they’ll be feeling the love.

While the Bulls bring it in Philly, I’ll be out for a steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris…but let’s hope I can catch the game on NBA TV tomorrow, so please no texting or tweeting the score.

Although their secondary good luck charm (yours truly) will not be in the house tonight, I think the Bulls will survive without me, and I’ll be back on the Bulls bandwagon for Wednesday’s game vs. the Giants, I mean, Pacers.

See Red, and Go Bulls! Beat the 76ers.

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