This Is It

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, October 29, 2013, the Bulls begin the “official” journey to win their 7th title.

LeBron claims he’s going to “welcome DRose back.” So, is he bringing a red carpet or a welcome mat? Is he serious? There’s no love there, and there never will be…so let’s just let the evil Miami fans boo our Bulls, including Derrick when they take the court. I strongly recommend that you, Miami Heat, enjoy your rings, as you won’t be seeing any more any time soon.

I know you don’t want to wreck your manicures, and you all long to get the game over with ASAP so you can get back into your “Hollywood” attire, but I don’t think you’re prepared for that road block called our Bulls.

Perhaps your coaching staff is providing a clue as to what you can expect come season opener when they donned football gear at practice earlier today.

As reported in a story on, “With the way the Miami Heat‘s assistant coaches, armed with handheld football pads, mauled LeBron JamesDwyane Wade and Chris Bosh as they drove into the lane at the end of Monday’s practice, one might think the star trio were actually running backs preparing for a big game. Instead, the Heat were just preparing for a physical battle on the court in Tuesday’s season opener against the Chicago Bulls.”

While that other team receives their rings, our Bulls will be in the locker room in “ThibsWorld.” That’s a scary amusement park-like world where you either hold a scrimmage on a makeshift court, or you watch videotape. Or both.

Same time next year, the ring ceremony is at the UC, and ThibsWorld will close for the night.

And in other big returns to the UC news, in addition to DRose making his regular season debut this Thursday (happy Halloween), I’ll be joining him there.

To conserve funds so that I can attend more than one game this fall, I’ll be in the “cheap” seats behind the Knicks’ bench. Remember – my Bulls will be playing at my end of the court for half the game. He he.

The spotless preseason record of 8-0, well it was nice. But you ain’t seen nothing yet.

This Is It.

See Red, and Go Bulls.

Note: I was at the Hartford Airport yesterday, and a young couple and their five-year old daughter were sitting at the end of a row of seats in the gate area. I had just read a few tweets about Jo being “100%” for Miami.

I guess the couple had read them simultaneously, because I could hear them saying, “Joakim is in, he’s 100%.” I said, “Isn’t that great about Jo? So awesome.”

“You’re a Bulls fan?” the woman asked…”I would never have called that one.”

Hmmm. I think I’m insulted. I wasn’t wearing all of my Bulls attire, but I wondered if I looked too old, too uncool, or just too geeky with my two computers running while I also checked my iPhone.

No need to respond. Needless to say, they’ll be at the game on Thursday night too. But I bet they won’t be in the third row like me.

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