Thibs didn’t call my name

Hey DRose – welcome to my world! Thibs never calls my name either, that’s why I’m Tony Snell’s eating coach (how to gain weight, in anything but a healthy way), and also run the free throw clinics.

But seriously, evidently, Rose wanted back in the fourth quarter of Monday night’s game when the Bulls demolished those Bucks, but Thibs would not oblige.

“I think I’m not getting enough,” said Rose of the minutes he’s been logging on the court. “I wanted to go back in the game tonight but Thibs didn’t call my name, so I can’t get mad at it. They’ve been managing my minutes great.”

Indeed, a lot of facts and figures have been floating around lately about how many minutes Mr. D has played during the preseason, and I read he’s got 78 points in the 80 minutes and 50 seconds he’s played so far. Not that anybody is counting.

So I felt a bit badly about the way it all unfolded with the Bucks game – hence the delay in this world-renowned Bulls Banter blog.

True to form, I dozed off. The being ahead by 24 or so points, those ugly green uniforms the Bucks wear. The silent crowd at the UC…I think by the beginning of the third quarter, they lost me.

And perhaps it’s a bit controversial, but here it goes. Milwaukee Bucks, you have got to do something. Last year, I’ll admit, I feared you a bit more, and I think the Bulls might have (horror) lost a game or two when they faced you.

But the reportedly worst locker rooms in the league, the really old Bradley Center, the fact that it’s United Center North up there, and your poor Bucks don’t even have any kind of home court advantage. And worst of all, the uniforms. All of this makes for a really sad and unfortunate situation.

An intervention is needed. And I kinda like Larry Drew…and Don Nelson, my friend Katie’s Dad coached for the Bucks…so there’s still a fond place in my heart. But CMO! A makeover is in order.

Back to our Bulls. Tonight, they face an opponent that will cause a big more angst than our friends from north of the border (WI). The Bulls are headed to Wichita (that’s in Kansas) for a match up against KD and the Thunder.

Last year, that’s the preseason game I attended at the UC, and it wasn’t the Bulls’ best night.

Despite the fact that some GM survey just came out, and once again, no one gives the Bulls a chance for any kind of title – Central Division, Eastern Conference, NBA, or otherwise, don’t let that worry you, my Bulls fan friends.

Never underestimate our Bulls. We’re back to “we have more than enough to win with” (excuse the poor Thibs grammar) and “next man up,” and I’m fine with that.

One thing for certain is sure. Tonight’s game vs. the Thunder won’t put me to sleep. I just hope the win goes to the good guys, and the Bulls continue on their way to proclaiming themselves the Eastern Conference champs (preseason, that is).

See red, and Go Bulls!

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