Bulls beat “unrivals” at playoff, oops preseason game at UC

So DRose made the mistake of telling reporters the Pacers aren’t rivals. Way to ensure those 7 footers will come out gunning even harder, and never mind that they haven’t won a preseason game yet. Whassup with that?

D must not have had enough time these past few years to attend the Bulls’ required media training. Or, Thibs probably told him to skip it.

But back to the game, and first – let me mention that DRose’s return to the UC this past Wednesday. Well, from my seat on the couch, it was everything I had hoped it would be.

Key takeaways from that game vs. the Pistons:

1.) DRose is back

2.) Tony Snell can shoot

3.) Thibs has lots of options when it comes to lineups (that would serve him well for the Indiana game…more on that shortly)

4.) Cinjo grew concerned about Lu…he was overshadowed and out-played (problem solved vs. Indiana)

5.) Some say DRose is the heart, Lu is the head and Jo is the adrenaline. I would say Jo is the spark. For more on Jo, Why Joakim Noah is the Unsung Hero of Chicago Bulls’ Title Core.

So we’re back at the UC Friday night for just another one of those “preseason” games, with Central Division/Eastern Conference “unrival” Pacers.

Two words, en français, summarize the game – déjà vu.

On the upside – DRose is back, and everyone else better just get out o the way as Stacey King likes to say. Thirty-two points this time. He returned to finish the game, strung together his usual highlight reel, and thankfully, equilibrium, and hopes and dreams for Bulls fans everywhere are restored.

On the downside, we’re five games in, and the injuries have already become news stories.

Noah out for a week, expects to be ready for opener vs. Miami. So the groin injury re-emerges, (caused by none other than slipping on the wet floor at the Berto Center) said Jo will be shut down.

Jimmy Buckets is on the bench in his sport coat, recovering from his bruised knee, as reported by K.C. Johnson of the Trib: MRI shows left knee bruise for Bulls’ Butler.

Erik “Murph” Murphy hit the floor, and it seemed like he might have a concussion, then he came back, Captain Kirk hit the floor, Murph unintentionally kicked or collided with him, and now the Captain may have a concussion.

And Big Naz had a bandage on his face.

Forgot to mention Lu banged up his knee, went to the locker room, then sat on the bench with ice, and several tweets reported he wouldn’t return. As we’ve seen time and time again, though, he came back and alongside his pal DRose, closed the game. Sigh of relief.

For a minute, I thought Thibs wouldn’t need to add me to the lineup this year. In addition to my role coming off the bench, I can also continue to lead the free throw clinics. You can tell by DRose’s improvement that he already attended.

But I didn’t offer the class to the Pacers, and it showed.

Thibs wasn’t happy “I didn’t like the way we played at all today. We got lucky in the end.”

However, for me, the brightest spot was Lu being back to his old self – 22 points. It’s my belief that as Lu goes, so go the Bulls.

While there might not be enough guys still standing to actually practice today, I’m sure that Thibs will find a way to address that. And I, for one, don’t want to be anywhere near the Berto Center.

In true Bulls fashion, they got the win, but it wasn’t pretty. Thibs, with whatever voice he has left, will sort it all by Monday when the Thrillwaukee Bucks come to town.

Here’s looking forward to the day when everybody’s healthy and we see the 2013-2014 starting lineup for your Chicago Bulls. Until then, 5-0 ain’t so bad for this preseason run.

See Red, and Go Bulls!

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