Bulls defeat Wizards despite absence of big 3

The Bulls barely escaped their stop on the NBA Global Games tour with a victory, but in the end (literally), managed to secure two-point win versus the Wizards.

And they accomplished this rare feat without the services of their three most important and globally recognized players: DRose, Joakim Noah and Cinjo.

In all seriousness, the Brazilian fans were chanting for Rose in the fourth quarter, but I haven’t yet found any YouTube videos of the Cinjo chants.

The Bulls were leading for almost the entire game, and then thing began to unravel, unfortunately, under the care of the reserves. So much for the 10-man rotation which seemed to have served them well these past two game. Oh Thibs…calling Thibs…

But equilibrium was restored when Captain Kirk returned.

A few key takeaways from the preseason so far:

1.) We haven’t seen the last of DRose watch – “will he or won’t he,” gametime decision, day-by-day.

2.) Taj Gibson is off the chart, leading in almost every statistical category, and he could be the glue that holds this team together. Shall we go so far as to say key to the season?

3.) It ain’t easy being a Bulls fan – whether your in Chi-town or Rio.

4.) Jo’s energy, enthusiasm, hustle plays, defensive moves and passing ability – we need it back, and how. Now.

5.) It’s preferable to hand off the “next man up” philosophy to Trestman and the Bears, and anchor the theme of the 2013-2014 Bulls’ Championship season around Thibs’ “do your job,” but given the turn of events in Rio, that’ easier said than done.

Thibs claims that the entire month is “training camp,” so I guess that means there are a few more weeks to get this figured out before our Bulls head to Miami to open the regular season against those other guys.

Ah, they’re just shaking the rust off. Or, even better, this is all part of Thibs’ mysterious master plan. But not sure I would want to be at Monday’s practice at the Berto Center.

We can always blame it on Rio.


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