Bulls remain undefeated

Ah, it feels good to say that.

If you’re wondering why it’s taken me so long to post about the Bulls’ victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night, it’s because, well, I fell asleep about halfway through the game and woke up after the post-game.

So how much could there be for me to report about? And what does my slumber say about your faithful Bulls Banter blogger? Well, first…it’s been a crazy work week.

But still, I need to step it up; however, they lulled me to sleep during the first half, and in addition to my new role as eating coach for Tony Snell, I will also be holding free throw clinics. DRose – that means you

Most noticeable was the way the reserves (Taj, Dunleavy, Captain Kirk and the two rooks) managed to bring the energy. This seems to be a 10-man rotation with which our man Thibs is pleased.

From St. Louis, they flew to Rio, where they face the Wizards on Saturday, and Thibs let the crew drop their bags off at the hotel, but then – it was right to the gym. And boy does Thibs like that gym! He smiled continuously for the entire length of this interview, which you can watch here: http://www.nba.com/bulls/. I’ve never seen him like this…but Jo, you do realize that “a day at the beach” is likely a concept with which your fearless leader is just not familiar.

So have fun in the gym, and welcome to Rio.

Oh, and I’m sure everyone is wondering about my tickets to the first regular season home game. Well, turns out, there’s a whole section of rows (I think A through M) in front of me, before you even get to the numbered rows. So much for sitting in the third row. (I really never was any good at math.)

The trick’s on me. Not in the third row for the Halloween opener.  But don’t think there’s enough in my savings to buy a ticket in row C anyway.

Here’s hoping we can all stay awake for the entire game on Saturday (it starts at 4 p.m. CDT, so hope springs). And even more so, here’s to continuing the win streak, with a defeat of the Wizards.

See Red, and Go Bulls!


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