Championship season begins

There weren’t enough hotel rooms to accommodate all of the reporters covering the Bulls vs. Pacers preseason game.

I guess they all came to see Tony Snell and Erik Murphy.

Who? Or, it must have been to witness a guy from the south side of Chicago score the first five points. You may know him as Big Naz.

I wasn’t one of the faithful who made the trek to Indy to see the return. I knew it would be better for everyone, and for my pride, if I just stayed home and cried the tears of joy by myself in my condo.

While I didn’t hear Stacey make any comparisons to a Saturday afternoon senior men’s pickup game at the local YMCA, there were moments. But I guess the Return of Mr. “Hope Springs,” #1, far outweighed the 85 or so turnovers and low shooting %.

Why should Bulls fans everywhere rejoice, beyond the obvious?

Some amazing passing from newcomer Mike Dunleavy, one of the rookies (Tony Snell) and Captain Kirk.

Taj Gibson was the high scorer, with 18 points. He seems to have transformed himself over the summer, and must have gone to the Cindy Olsen school of bulking up because he’s definitely a bit heftier.

The bench is deep, there’s a much larger contingent of guys who can knock down some shots.

Despite the fact that everyone on the Pacers is seven feet tall, the Bulls still managed to pull out a win, and the like-minded defensive teams are going to be starch rivals this year, it seems.

Should we be concerned that Boozer got lost in the game, judging by last night, my shot might be better than Dunleavy’s, they had a few 24-second violations, and Thibs once again didn’t use everyone on the bench (he probably forgot their names…)?

Probably not. I’m sure Thibs made them watch the film on this morning’s flight to St. Louis for tomorrow’s “home” game vs. the Grizzlies. And given DRose already gave Thibs a “talking to” about his lack of minutes…Thibs may not ever have to go to to the bench again anyway.

One of the Chicago reporters/bloggers tweeted about the 1-1 side convos going on during the game (can’t remember if it was K.C. Johnson, Sam Smith, Nick Friedell, Aggrey Sam) DRose was talking to JB (that’s Jimmy Butler). Lu was giving Tony Snell some advice. Jo, in his ill-fitting suit coat was just generally enthusiastic, talking to anyone who would listen.

I think that’s why I love my Bullys so much. The guys seem to genuinely like one another. I even saw Thibs smile at rook Erik Murphy.

And with “The Return,” it looks more and more unlikely that Thibs will add me to the lineup. So I have decided to create another role for myself – “eating coach.” I read that Tony Snell has been told to eat as much as possible. And that, my friends, is one area in which I excel.

We’ll begin by going to the Portillo’s drive-through to order a salad, and depart with a chicken sandwich, onion rings and chocolate cake. Don’t worry, Tony – I’ve got this covered. You’ll put on 25 lbs. in no time!

Our Bulls are back. See Red!


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