Top 10 signs I’m ready for the Bulls’ championship season to begin

10. Follow Thibs to LA to help him check on DRose’s progress.

9. Turn to NBA-TV for inspiration, and watch the Bulls defeat the Utah Jazz in game 6 of the 1997 NBA Finals to win their fifth title.

8. Quickly becoming NBA-TV’s best customer, watch the Bulls defeat the Utah Jazz AGAIN, this time in the 1998 NBA Finals, to win their 6th championship.

7. E-Mail Thibs my practice schedule, believing he will check up on my progress next.

6. Send regrets to family re: Christmas as will be in Brooklyn to watch Bulls defeat Nets at Barclays Center

5. Find oneself stalking EBC’s newest member, Big Naz during his workout on Labor Day.

Stalking Nazr Mohammed
Stalking Nazr Mohammed

4. Watch Bulls’ March 27, 2013 streak-busting victory over the evil Miami Heat on NBA-TV, for the fourth time.

3. Start planning outfit to wear to Bulls’ home opener.

2. Watch random hardwood classics games on NBA-TV, no matter which teams are playing.

1. Open new savings account designated for “2014 NBA Finals – Bulls vs. _____ tix.”

Pre-season starts in one month and three days, not that I’m counting.

See Red and, as always, Go Bulls!


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