2013-2014 Season Goals

With less than two weeks until the Bulls’ first preseason game, it’s time to do a little goal setting.

Bulls 2013-2014 Goals

10. Entire team survives Thibs’ training camp and makes it to preseason play.

9. Worst injury anyone sustains can be cured with Aleve.

8. Find a way to win holiday games (Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, Groundhog Day, etc.) + all games that don’t start at 7 or 7:30 p.m. local time.

7. Three Bulls make the All-Star team.

6. Bulls Organization apologizes to Luol Deng for the way they dealt with his illness and mistreated him during the 2013 playoffs.

5. Win 5 of 6 games on the circus road trip (November 21 to November 30).

4. DRose de-thrones the current League MVP.

3. Re-claim the Central Division.

2. Win the Eastern Conference.

1. Win NBA title #7, de-throning “those other guys.”

Cindy Joy “Cinjo” Olsen, A 5 10 guard from East Bank Club 2013-2014 Goals

10. Get picture taken with Nazr Mohammed.

9. Dazzle the members of the EBC Monday/Friday morning men’s basketball league into asking me to play in one of their pickup games.

8. Make it through the season without spending entire savings account on Bulls tix.

7. Become a great passer like Jo.

6. Attend at least one Bulls charity event.

5. Increase Bulls Banter blog readership from my Dad to more readers than my Dad.

4. Secure an invitation from David Kaplan to be a guest panelist on his show, SportsTalk Live – to provide Bulls analysis, of course.

3. Meet Tom Thibodeau.

2. Attend at least one playoff game

1. Attend Bulls Championship rally.

Confession: While awaiting the start of the Bulls’ championship season, I’ve had a little bit of spare time, and have given this whole NFL football and Bears thing a shot.

It’s like déjà vu, with Henry Melton of the Bears out for 8-12 months with a torn ACL.

“We lost a very good player,” Bears coach Marc Trestman said. “Unfortunately, it’s a next-man-up situation where the next guy has got to come up and be ready to play and help our football team.

“Next man up” are three words we won’t be hearing from Thibs this year.

We’ll just leave it at “Do your job.”


What the Bulls did on their summer vacation, pre-season injuries, final chance?

Summer Vacation Report

DRose has been on his Adidas shoe tour, practicing in the LA area, and getting some coverage on YouTube dunking against unlikely Japanese defenders –Ninjas, sumo wrestlers and dragons.

Upon his return to the NBA, he’ll face mere mortals and some guy named LeBron.

But the major headline is DRose reports he’s 100%. Collective sigh of relief please.

Luol, as always, has been doing great work for The Luol Deng Foundation, and is probably still trying to find a way to forgive the Bulls organization for the way they treated him during the spinal tap mishandling.

It’s no wonder contract talks are stalled.

When Jimmy Butler isn’t playing 1-on-1 with Mark Wahlberg, he’s out in LA with Mr. Rose for more practice, or probably shopping for cowboy boots.

Jo’s either clubbing in New York, scoring the winning goal in a Steve Nash charity soccer game, or, like his fellow All-Star Luol, doing his own fine work for his charity, the Noah’s Ark Foundation – read more and watch a video. Oh, and there was that trip to China with Yao Ming. So many continents, so little time.

What about Big Naz, you’re asking? Well, he must have heard about the up-and-coming five foot 10 guard from the East Bank Club, so he joined to 1.) stalk her 2.) work out.

Boozer is rumored to have gotten all fit and trim like Naz, because they know with DRose’s return, they’re going to have to move at quite a faster pace.

Thibs. Well, he’s been scouting some of the competing Chicago sports teams. He attended the first half (regulation) of the Hawks triple OT thriller vs. the Bruins: Hawks, Bulls triple their pleasure. And, I heard he found his way to Wrigley Field for at least one Cubs game. Other than that, he likely watch taped, watched more tape. and got fitted for a few new suits.

Pre-Season Injury Report

Gotcha! No injuries to your Chicago Bulls. Phew.

But your faith blogger, and wannabe basketball star suffered her first (upper body) injury – to the face. A cut lip! No stitches required, but I had to lie down for a while, unlike someone else we know: Nate Robinson Needs Stitches, Takes Over Late In Bulls-Heat Game 1. And for those of you who haven’t yet totally erased the nightmare from your memories, that was indeed our Bulls’ final victory last season.

That brings us to the “Final Chance”

We all know this is it. It’s the final chance for the Bulls to prevail, as we all know and love them. Luol and Boozer are likely both gone after 2014, and Jo could be too.

I, for one, am excited about the possibilities. So rather than get our knickers in a knot or our panties in a bunch, let’s just wish our Bulls good health, because that’s been the only missing ingredient.

The world will be watching, and so will I.

Countdown 19 days until pre-season liftoff (October 5), and a month and a half until the home opener: Halloween at the UC. Those New York Knicks best be scared (and not because of the costumes).

Top 10 signs I’m ready for the Bulls’ championship season to begin

10. Follow Thibs to LA to help him check on DRose’s progress.

9. Turn to NBA-TV for inspiration, and watch the Bulls defeat the Utah Jazz in game 6 of the 1997 NBA Finals to win their fifth title.

8. Quickly becoming NBA-TV’s best customer, watch the Bulls defeat the Utah Jazz AGAIN, this time in the 1998 NBA Finals, to win their 6th championship.

7. E-Mail Thibs my practice schedule, believing he will check up on my progress next.

6. Send regrets to family re: Christmas as will be in Brooklyn to watch Bulls defeat Nets at Barclays Center

5. Find oneself stalking EBC’s newest member, Big Naz during his workout on Labor Day.

Stalking Nazr Mohammed
Stalking Nazr Mohammed

4. Watch Bulls’ March 27, 2013 streak-busting victory over the evil Miami Heat on NBA-TV, for the fourth time.

3. Start planning outfit to wear to Bulls’ home opener.

2. Watch random hardwood classics games on NBA-TV, no matter which teams are playing.

1. Open new savings account designated for “2014 NBA Finals – Bulls vs. _____ tix.”

Pre-season starts in one month and three days, not that I’m counting.

See Red and, as always, Go Bulls!

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