Halloween, Christmas, what I have in common with the Bulls, David Kaplan

So it’s getting closer – the excitement is building. Less than two months until our Bulls start the pre-season against those Division rivals (and actually, rather terrifying) Indiana Pacers on October 5.

I’ll be spending what I hope is far from a scary night at the UC on Halloween, as the Bulls open their regular season at home versus those over-rated, yet under-performing New York Knicks squad (don’t tell Stephen A. Smith I said that).

Ah, Christmas in Brooklyn. I haven’t spent Christmas in New York’s finest borough since my youth. Now I just need to convince the rest of the family to make the two-hour trek from CT to spend the day with 18,000 of our closest friends watching the Bulls defeat the Nets in the city of our birthplace. I’ve got plenty of time to cast the Bulls spell on the crew…and save some $$$ for the tix.

Recently, I’ve come to realize how I’m not all that different than our Chicago Bulls. This summer, I’ve sustained both an upper-body (neck) injury, and a lower-body (knee) injury. Jo, DRose, Lu, Rip – I feel your pain.

I’ve had a bit of a rough go of it lately, trying to play through the injuries. Yesterday at East Bank, the man who comes through to check the operations of the gym every morning said, “So, are you getting any better?” (He was talking about my game.)

At least I could blame ineptitude on bum knee, neck/back injury, plus throw in old age for good measure. Any excuse will do.

So I’m going to have to kick this Bulls Banter blog into high gear during the 2013-2014 season. I ran into David Kaplan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Kaplan_(radio) at EBC about a month ago, and told him I love his show – http://www.csnchicago.com/show/sportstalk-live

And then I went on to say how I’m a HUGE Bulls fan, and we saw him at Harry Caray’s for game 1 of the Nets playoff series (outcome of that game has since been forgotten). Said I even write a Bulls blog. He suggested I tweet him so he could read it and promote it on his show.

Talk about pressure. I’m going to need to come up with something way better than this before I start tweeting Bulls Banter to the Kapman. At least I’ve got even more motivation now!

I should have an interesting report next week, after fellow fan Nicole Ducharme visits this week. She’s from Louisiana, and she makes my DRose obsession looks like child’s play.  He he. This is gonna be fun!


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