Why I love my Bulls (the season in review)

For establishing themselves as the streakbusters…breaking the Heat’s 27-game win streak…then breaking the Knicks’ 13-game win streak…for winning a round one playoff series no one gave them a chance to win…for bringing us one of the MOST spectacular playoff games of all time, the triple overtime win against the Nets in game four…solidifying Nate Robinson as the biggest 5 foot 8 force in the NBA…the emergence of Jimmy Butler, who played five 48-minutes games in the playoffs, after playing limited minutes in last season’s playoffs…for being stand-up guys…for all of the players and the coach presenting a supportive and united front to the media about Derrick Rose being out…for embracing the next man up…we have more than enough to win with mentality…for bringing back Rip Hamilton in the final Heat playoff games (where he should have been playing all along)…for battling through the pandemic game, IVs, barf buckets, chills and all…for Joakim’s miraculous recovery in the Nets series; without him, there would not have been a series…for Jo’s guarantee they’d win game 7 against the Nets…for winning game 7 against the Nets…for winning my birfday game against the giants (oops, I mean Pacers)…for Marco hitting numerous game-winning shots throughout the season…for Luol Deng and Joakim Noah being named All-Stars…for inspiring me to take basketball lessons and write a blog…for Carlos Boozer being the player the Bulls need him to be, and quieting the nay-sayers…for Luol Deng remaining the glue…for Coach Thibs smiling – once (Jimmy Butler saw him)…for making it a game as they lost to the Heat in the final game of their round two playoff series…more importantly, for stunning the Heat in the first game of the series, when no one said they could or would…

I’ve had a hard time, these past few weeks, as I’ve mourned the final losses. I wanted the season to go on and on and on. And I wanted to watch the Bulls defeat the Pacers, oops, I mean, Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals and then go on to win the NBA championship. I guess it’s just not yet our Bulls’ time.

But one thing for certain is clear: it was a most memorable season, and one I’ll never forget. There’s a lot to look forward to next year. And given how the Bulls prevailed, despite the trials and tribulations of this season, one has to believe great things are in store. The rest of the NBA best watch out. Just think about what will happen when the Bulls have their full lineup of healthy players. And me taking my lessons and writing my blog and being their #1 fan. Now that’s a winning combination!

Can you say Championship #7?

Thanks for the memories.

See Red, and Go Bulls!


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