We have more than enough

The Bulls have more than enough heart.

But do they have enough mental fortitude to withstand what has become 55 zillion strikes against them? That is, can they keep their heads in it and win this series?

If it’s not the injuries, the illness, the hospital stays, now it’s what seems to be some kind of (shocking) favoritism being shown to that other team.

Let’s face it. The NBA does NOT want our Chicago Bulls to get anywhere further than this. Are they OK with the Bulls having made it to round two?

Well, maybe. Because the Nets would have put all of us (the fans) to sleep, that is, if the players didn’t fall asleep themselves, either on the court or on the bench. Snore. Yawn.

With the Bulls, there’s not too much chance of dozing off. In fact, the drama, the show, the Friday Night Fight in Chi. Well, the NBA probably says, “bring it” to all of that.

Some are claiming it’s all rigged. Zero personal fouls on LeBron James? What? Seriously? What game was Joey Crawford at? The Friday night YMCA men’s league?

Bulls personal fouls: Jo-6 and Marco-6 (that’s called fouling out I do believe), Jimmy-5 (including the “phantom foul” at the outset, where he got called for basically standing too close to LeBron), Carlos-4, Nate-3. Remember, no math whiz here, but that adds up to 24.

A total of 8 fouls assessed against the Heat starters, and zippo on LeBron.

Call the cops.

Despite all of that, the game was 100% winnable. The Bulls coulda woulda shoulda had that one. Tied at the end of the third quarter, with each team taking its turn with the lead.

So the Bulls let the refs get the best of them. They lost their composure, for the second game in a row.

The theme for the Bulls this year has been more than enough to win with in that locker room. And I know and you know the Bulls have more than enough to win with in their hearts. Now, it comes down to their heads.

Not to make excuses…ah, what the heck, I’m going to make excuses. The Heat’s biggest injury is that Dwayne Wade has a boo boo on his knee. DWade, I’ve got a Band-Aid here for you.

I’ll exceed my word limit if I list the injuries to the Bulls’ roster. Reinforcements in the form of Scottie Pippen and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (he’s taller than Nate, you never know) were both sitting court side. Hmmm, why didn’t Thibs yell for them?

Thibs is playing second and third string players as starters, and rotating in the rookie and Taj Gibson, and my man Big Naz (when he hasn’t been tossed from the game).

No matter what happens, and no matter how hard the NBA tries to take the series from the Bulls, we know one thing for certain is sure.

They will never, never, never, never, ever, ever give up. I respect, admire and love them for that.

And I should channel Coach Thibs and recognize that how I handle the losses says a lot about my character. So I guess the crying, stomping, complaining and making excuses has to stop right now.

America has learned not to underestimate our Bulls, undermanned, shorthanded, and all. Down 2-1.

No problem. On to the next game. Do your job. Next man up.

Mental, physical and emotional toughness. Head and heart.

Joakim Noah “applauding” Bosh when he was yelling at Chalmers for whatever Chalmers had evidently done wrong most recently. Conversely, the Bulls all huddle up together in the middle of the floor for their own conferences. There’s no yelling.

I dunno, which is classier?

On a fashion note, whassup with DRose and Captain Kirk and their pocket squares? For a minute, I was going to give Booz a shout out for his post-game press conference attire. But I just watched the video and realized he’s wearing a shirt with a pattern like a picnic tablecloth.

Ah, I’ll let that go. More importantly, he was the new-and-improved Carlos we love, with 21 points. The Bulls will need more of the same on Monday.

See you back here then for the victory blog.

See Red, and Go Bulls!


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