Big three come up big in Miami, steal game 1

So the big three – Nate Robinson (27 points), Jimmy “48 minutes” Butler (21 points) and Joakim Noah (13 points) were too much for that other team. It must be difficult to get psyched up for a game, after suffering through an eight-day break in the cold, dismal Miami weather.

Discard your brooms naysayers and haters, it isn’t, nor was it ever going to be a sweep. And yet another streak comes to an end. The Heat had won 12 in a row. LeBron, these are the Bulls, not that team from north of the border (Bucks).

While Jo hadn’t guaranteed this one, he’s probably wishing he had, so he’d be two for two.

The battle of talent vs. toughness moved from Brooklyn to Miami, and toughness prevailed once again.

Ever looking to add to the banged-up storyline, this time Nate exchanged his barf bucket for some time in the locker room getting 10 stitches on his lip. Then he proceeded to return in the second half to score 24 of his 27.

Note that the MVP only scored 24 total in the game, and just two in the first half. I’m becoming quite fond of these stats and numbers. Because boy, do they make our Bulls look good.

And the big three (Nate, Jimmy and Jo) got more than enough help from the likes of Marco, Taj and Carlos.

The Bulls did not get the memo. Or, somebody forgot to tell them they were supposed to lose.

It’s a story of contrasts.

The team with the MVP, the original big three, “Hollywood” as Jo likes to say, with their YouTube videos and pre-game antics, healthy save for Dwayne Wade’s bum knee.

I’ll raise you a guy in a hospital bed, two flu-ridden players, one recovering superstar (you may have seen him on the bench in sharp suits), a guy on one foot, a barf bag and some stitches.

The biggest competition here seems to be who can put together the worst outfit for the post-game interviews. I’ll give game 1 to Dwayne Wade, with his v-neck shirt (which seemed to be adorned in a pattern of New England-like fall leaves) and tan blazer. But Nate the Great, as always, is up for any challenge. His blue polka-dotted shirt sure came close.

Talent vs. toughness. I say toughness prevails in six games. And Jo, I’m not just someone watching NBA basketball games from my couch. I’m a player too (six months of lessons at EBC, CMO!). So I think my opinion counts.

See Red, and Go Bulls!

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