We just wanna win in front of the hometown crowd

Ah, but there are many other reasons the Bulls are headed back to Chi-town to clinch their first-round playoff series against the Nets on Thursday, versus getting five days of R&R.

The wheels fell off last night with the rebounding and they allowed the Nets do whatever they wanted in the paint.

Then there’s that little challenge called “but our point guards are always injured.”

And it’s understandable the Bulls would be dragging a bit after Saturday’s miraculous victory.

If the Bulls had won in Brooklyn, it would have been their first four-game win streak of the year. Not sure we’d be hearing too much about that streak. Although the Bulls would have to quickly re-brand themselves as streak-makers instead of streak-breakers. Well, not so much.

Searching for a silver lining, I will say that once the Bulls are knocked down like this, they bounce right back. And, unlike the Nets, they’re not afraid to watch the tape. At least it won’t be called “Nightmare in Brooklyn,” but something like, “Went to Brooklyn and took a good long nap.”

Coach Thibs is on case and will not let PJ steal his game plan any more. He’s very clever that Thibs, so we can expect great things on Thursday.

Meantime, the Heat are busy getting their mani/pedis and making their videos, or just being their generally annoying selves.

So LeBron and company, I’ll see you at the UC in the coming weeks for the second round, because the Bulls are one win away to the re-match. And you’re going to need way more than nice nails to beat my Bulls.


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