This is Bulls basketball

It’s not a good idea to anger a bull. But 15 of them? Not highly recommended.

Our Bulls have returned; the impostors are gone. This blog could also be called Defense or Rebounding or Bouncing Back.

The team meeting at the host hotel in Manhattan yesterday (where the Celtics are also staying) seemed to have done the trick. It must have been the makeshift basketball court constructed of masking tape in the ballroom. Or perhaps it was watching the replay of “Nightmare in Brooklyn,” (Saturday’s game) which helped transform the Bulls back to the team we know and love.

Coach Thibs has been saying “we have to do this collectively.” And tonight, they did.

So who’s the MVP? The team.

Jo, playing on one foot, yet making a monster play at the baseline, grabbing the ball when it was headed out of bounds, throwing it to Kirk, who passed it to Nate for a big three. And Jo set the tone from the outset with his excitement and energy. Coach Thibs says he “willed it.”

Yes indeed, Jo with a double double – 11 points and 10 rebounds.

Big Naz, with timely baskets, veteran moves, a save at the end of the floor. And what about that sneaky pass to Boozer in the paint? Stylin’! Jo, in his post-game interview said Naz is a class act, on and off the court. Well-said, Jo.

Luol, “the glue of the team,” as Coach Thibs just said in the post-game interview. And he racks up a double double, with 15 points and 10 rebounds.

Captain Kirk. He was the angriest of all the Bulls. Call the cops. There’s been a mugging. He was all over the Nets.

And what can you say about Carlos? Another double double…here we go again. This getting a little bit predictable. Thirteen points and 12 rebounds.

I really enjoyed the interview Luke Stuckmeyer (Comcast SportsNet) conducted with Jo’s Dad, tennis star Yannick Noah. He talked about how nervous he is watching the games, you know, with his son out there on the floor and everything.

Step aside, Yannick, Cinjo’s in town. I’ve got no one out on the floor, I’m not the sister to any of the players, nor am I the mother, nor the girlfriend. (Maybe I’d like to be…we’ll cover that on a blog of another sort). Almost called 911 during the last few minutes of the game, but then decided it best to just step away from the TV. It’s not easy being a Bulls fan, and it’s certainly rough on one’s heart.

Did the Bulls win the championship? With the amount of celebrating that went on around here, at Cinjo’s palace, you would think they had. Wait, I forgot. The Heat already won…if you listen to the media.

So now, it’s back to the United Center on Thursday.

“It’s a whole other ballgame out there (Chicago),” Noah said. ”Not even comparable. This is a great place to play basketball. But this is new fans. They’ve been doing it a long time over there in Chitown. They’re going to be ready on Thursday. It’s going to be a battle. We’ll be ready; they’ll be ready. It’s playoff basketball. It’s what it’s all about.

This is Bulls basketball. See Red!


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