What game?

Was there a game last night? If so, I will have to pretend it never happened. There’s a psychological term for this. It’s called denial.

I guess it was fortuitous that I met up with my pal at Harry Caray’s to watch the game and the TVs weren’t working. In retrospect, it would have been best if we skipped the game entirely. We were going to move somewhere else, but management got the screens working again. Wish they could have done the same with our Bulls.

When you go to Harry Caray’s or one of Chicago’s other signature sports establishments, there’s a lot of high fiving and hooting and hollering with people you just meet – your new BFFs – to celebrate your team’s success. I think we all may have celebrated one or two blocks.

We had to call in a mathematician to calculate the point differential starting in the second quarter. None of us could compute such large variances. At one point, I turned back to the TV, and said, “It’s only down to 14!”

My new-found pals quickly pointed out it was actually 24.

And I think that’s the best it was gonna get.

Usually, after a game like this, continuing the pattern of denial, I can’t even watch the post-game coverage. But, I put my cowardice aside and just turned on Comcast SportsNet to see what everybody had to say.

Here’s the gist of it, paraphrased.

Coach Thibs. “Poor. Poor. Everything was poor. Did I mention poor?”

Jo “We got smacked in the face.”

Kirk “Offense was bad defense was bad.”

Los “The game was won in the first half.” [Author’s footnote – too bad it was by the other team!]

I bought a basketball yesterday, and now I need to figure out how to get some air in it, and then I’m headed out to look for a pickup game over at the local park. Coach Thibs, if you’re reading, I’m available. And I promise to be ready.

On the bright side, it doesn’t seem like it can get much worse, and we know the Bulls always bounce back (pun intended). But in the playoffs, you really need to sustain the momentum, not go from cold to hot.

Here’s to the Bulls heating up starting with Monday’s game, and never looking back.


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