See you in the Eastern Conference Finals

So here’s a rhetorical question. If you’re the reigning NBA Champs with the best record in the NBA, and, the likely MVP – should you be able to beat a decimated Bulls team missing their MVP and half their team?

As my pal Nino would say, CMO! [Not chief marketing officer – c’mon now!]

So it’s all evened up, at two wins a piece. We’ll see you in the Eastern Conference Finals, Miami. You better rest up, let your guys sit out even though they’re not injured (to get their beauty rest), because once we have our big men back, and our MVP, you’re definitely going to feel the heat.

We can be proud of our Bulls, for never giving up, and even taking the lead, at least once or twice I think. Boozer, Jimmy Gets Buckets, Lieutenant Deng, Daequan Cook, Captain Kirk and Mr. Excitement, Nate Robinson – you all rocked it.

I’m glad we had this little dry run-through before the big show, because I certainly learned a lot.

1.) The Miami Heat are 100% beatable.
2.) National commentators are Heat-lovers and Bulls-haters, and they all best get ready to eat their words.
3.) Following right along with #2, Jeff Van Gundy – I’m not a fan.
4.) From now on, I will be listening to the hometown call on the radio while watching the game on the big screen.
5.) You have NOT seen the last of our Bulls.

The Bulls let you have one today, but bask in the glow while you can. Coach Thibs, and the rest of his team (anywhere from 9 to 11 players on any given game day) wanted me to pass along a message.

“We have more than enough to win with.”

“And we’re coming for you.” OK, I added that last part, but I’m sure Coach Thibs is saying the same thing.

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