Oh No Canada!

This one could have also been called “Friday Night Fight Moves North of the Border.” It definitely got chippy in the Air Canada Center in Toronto.

Rip ejected. The Little guy (Nate) almost in a fight with a Raptor. Boozer fouled out.

It was just one of those nights. A really bad day (night) at the office. Coming off Thursday night’s high vs. the Knicks, the Bulls indeed reached a new low. I don’t think we’ll hear any of them speakly fondly of Canada any time soon, as they lose to the Raptors for the second time in one week.

So now the Bulls move down to the sixth seed, and would have to play Indiana in the first round. The Pacers should change their name to Giants or Monsters or Big Men. They’re huge.

I won’t say the Bulls don’t stand a chance…but starting their summer break in early May rather than early June is looking like a very real possibility.


OK, so now I’m even looking at the schedules of the Bulls’ probable first-round opponents. The Hawks only have two games left – he he, ha ha, they host the Raptors Tuesday night. Then they have the Knicks on Wednesday.

The Bulls have got that team which has already won the Championship, at least, according to most in the media (the Heat) at noon on Sunday on national (ABC) TV. Then, it’s Monday in Orlando for more magic and Wednesday back at home for continuation of the spells and wizardy with Washington.

After typing all of that, I’m not sure what my point is. I’ll send a note to Sam Smith (or maybe just read his blog, as I’m sure it’s covered there) to figure out – can the Bulls still move back up into fifth so they face the beatable Nets vs. the Giants from Indiana?

It’s coming down to the wire here for our Bulls.

Vaughn McClure’s (Chicago Tribune) article about last night’s fiasco was titled, “Defensive Breakdowns lead to Bull’s loss.” That did seem to be half of the problem. And the other half was lack of scoring. Does any of this ring a bell?

Trying to find bright spots, Carlos got another double double, and my man Nazr got one too, with 16 points and 13 rebounds. Go Nazr.

In this season of ups and downs, unexpected losses and even more unexpected and streak-busting victories, you can count on the Bulls to continue to surprise.

Winning the next three could be the biggest, yet most welcome surprise yet.


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