All streaks stop in Chi-town

The Knicks must have read the scouting report, because they were all over Boozer to start. And they actually played some defense. But I guess the Heat wouldn’t text, tweet or ping them back with insights into how to keep a streak alive in Chi-town. And that’s because they don’t have an answer!

The quartet on the TNT pre-game studio show didn’t even mention the Bulls in the opening (they just talked about Carmelo, blah blah), and Kenny the Jet Smith ran back to the wall monitor during halftime to pick apart something the Bulls must have done wrong in the first half. (Well, there actually were more than a few “teachable moments” in the first half).

It wasn’t looking too good there when the Bulls jogged to a 17-point deficit in the first quarter. The three-point rain must have blurred their vision.

But we’ll show them…eventually.

Here’s Thibs, at the coach’s press conference. He said Nate had a monster game. Thibs really does have a way of stating the obvious.

Carmelo 36 points.

Nate (Robinson) 35 points.

And huge contributions from Jimmy “The Butler Did It,” Lu, Los, Rip (welcome back, we missed you), Captain Kirk. I’m sure I’ve unintentionally forgotten someone. Here’s the point – it was once again done collectively.

To say that the Bulls needed this win. Well, the word is understatement.

The streak busters dominate, on national TV and at least temporarily quiet the nay-sayers. How is it that the Knicks are #2 in the Eastern Conference and the Bulls have swept them (4 games) this season? Conundrum or math puzzle? For the latter, get Art on the line.

It might not have been a Friday Night Fight like the one at MSG in December, but with ref Joey Crawford on the case, at least the technicals made it interesting.

The Knicks obviously didn’t get the memo. You’re in Chi-town now, that’s in the state of Nate.

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