Calling the YMCA and UConn women

So we better call the YMCA quick, as it seems like a Sunday pickup team is the only one the Bulls can beat. At the same time, we need the UConn women to show us how to score points and close games.

On a night when the Huskies won their championship by 33, the Bulls fall by 3 to a team with a losing record – the Toronto Raptors.

So it’s becoming hard to watch. I hate to see our Bulls struggle. If the Bulls wanted to move down to #6 in the standings, their losses to the lowly Pistons and last night to the lowly, albeit talented Raptors are definitely steps in the right direction.

Silver linings?

Jimmy Butler, with 28 points, a career high, who is truly taking “Be like Lu” to heart. The kid played 48 minutes!

Carlos with another double double, making that 40 for the season, more than that guy from Miami.

The return of our UConn man Rip (although Rudy Gay, another UConn, from the Raptors…he caused loads of trouble).

And finally, it was good to see Malcolm Thomas get some playing time, and he was big on defense. That guy’s tall too.

Just when you think it’s really gotten bad, the Bulls surprise you. We best hope that the next flash of unexpected greatness comes Thursday night vs. the Knicks and Carmelo with his #1-selling jersey and everything.

And all year, the Bulls have been discounted. “They’re not a championship team.” “They’ll be lucky to make it through the first round.” On and on, etc., etc. Despite playing with half a team every night, and 14 starting lineups later, we, you, me, still believe in our Bulls. This is a note to self, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the faith.

Besides, would you rather be the Bucks? Who, you ask? Some say that’s why the Bulls are slipping down to #6, because then they won’t have to face the Heat in round two. Talk about being discounted. The Heat, #1 will likely play the Bucks, #8 in round one, so the assumption is Bucks lose…just in case you were wondering. [I better not try to explain any more…Wikipedia is much better:, and I’m slightly scared that I’m even paying attention to this stuff…that’s for another blog.]

The Bulls are not done yet, and the UConn women now have some free time for emergency strategy sessions. One of these days, we’ll be able to watch a game where the Bulls lead from the start, and then go on to win. By more than one point please.

Gotta run. Scouting YMCA teams for the Bulls to play next. We need a win – bad!


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