Bulls stall in Motor City, another streak ends

Detroit’s 18-game losing streak against your Chicago Bulls comes to an end tonight.

Were the Bulls supposed to win this one? Absolutely. But they didn’t have their groove tonight. D got someone new to hang out with in the locker room as Lu joined him this evening.

On the upside, Jo and Marco re-joined for play on the court rather than in the locker room, and Jo had 13 points and 7 rebounds in his 21 restricted minutes of play. So that’s a ray of hope.

Listen, Detroit has everything to gain and nothing to lose, except their pride. They had the will to win, to save themselves from the embarrassment of losing 19 straight times to the Bullys.

Call me a contrarian, but you know what, I will give it to them. They played better than our Bulls. It’s got to be depressing to have a 26 and 52 record, about 55 fans in the audience, with the only way to draw folks in is to have half-time concerts.

I guess they had Salt-n-Pepa tonight. Evidently, they’re from Brooklyn. I dunno.

But cut these guys a break. No one comes to their games, and half the audience is cheering for the opposing team anyway.

So, I was glad to see that our guys didn’t storm off the court, but most went over and talked to the Pistons players. Hey, we’re from Chi-town. We’ve got some class.

After all, these are not the Bill Laimbeer Pistons. The ones we love to hate.

So we’ll let the Pistons relish in their victory, while we here at Bulls central take comfort knowing that slowly but surely, the reinforcements are arriving.

Welcome back, Jo and Marco. Enjoy your one or two days of rest, Lu. Taj and Rip, get well soon.

“Oh, no,” Rose said, when asked if he’d announce he’s sitting out this season. “I’m keeping it open.”

So our man is keeping his options open. That, I would say, is the best news we’ve heard in a while. Stall in Motor City? Who? What? What game?

DRose may still be coming back.

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