Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood

Marco’s no longer available to make the game-winning shots. No worries.

We’ve got Nate. You can call him Mr. Excitement or Nate the Great or say it’s Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood or Nate World. No matter how you say it or what you call him, what matters is that he delivers.

Twelve points in the fourth quarter when the Bulls lost their legs and their mojo last night vs. the Orlando Magic.

You probably noticed that Nate and I have a lot in common. I’m not talking about our height. Or about our ability to split all the defenders and make a basket.

I’m talking, of course, about our dislike for the dreaded needles at the doctor’s office.

So when was the last time he was afraid of a shot? Robinson smiled. “Probably the last time I’ve been to the doctor,” he said, laughing.

Now that, I get. No needles or blood samples of any kind during my doctor’s visits. I keep telling the doc maybe next year, next visit, when I’ve found Mr. Wonderful and he accompanies me to catch me when I faint. This has been going on for a lifetime now. But that’s a story for a different blog.

Good to see Vladimir Radmanovic get some playing time during this magical of all nights, and to see him get that big three-pointer. And Naz is putting in his minutes, and getting those big man rebounds and key stops. I think I’ve mentioned before. I love that guy!

Jo and Rip were both running sprints on the court before the game. And Thibs says Jo is close. Rip. Poor Rip, our UConn man. He’s not so close.

Most importantly, the Bulls, coaching staff, and I think most of the fans managed to stay awake for at least most of the game. It’s more than I can say for myself. I might have been lulled into a short nap at some point during the second quarter. But the Bulls prevail, with another blowout, I mean, one-point victory, as they defeat the Magic 87 to 86.

It promises to be a different kind of night in the Motor City on Sunday. The Bulls have their 18-game win streak vs. the Pistons to extend.

And now it’s all about the numbers. And we all know I’m not too good at math. I better call Dad for some help with these figures. Or maybe, now, at 46, I can do it by myself. The Bulls are tied with the Hawks for fifth, and they’re one game behind the Nets for fourth.

I believe the goal is to keep winning as many games as possible, trying to go up in the standings. See, that wasn’t so bad. And if one, or even two of our guys re-join the lineup Sunday, that will make 11 players on the bench ready to play in the Palace of Auburn Hills, and only three guys in the locker room.

In their last meeting, on March 31, the Bulls beat the Pistons by one. Have you noticed a trend here with these one-point victories? I don’t want to do the math on that. Looking for a larger margin of victory. Better call the UConn women for an emergency tutorial.


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