Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in

This one could be called full circle or turning point.

I feel like the February 1, 2013 game when the Bulls lost to the Nets was a turning point in the season. Before game time, I think the only one who was supposed to be on the injured list was that guy D. Then, within 20 minutes of the start, Jo, Boozer and Hinrich were all out.

Since then, it’s been one injury after the other, but that Nets game definitely was the turning point, and the injuries haven’t let up. Not sure there’s too many other teams who can brag about having an entire starting lineup watching from the locker room.

But remember, the Bulls almost won that game in Brooklyn. And I feel like last night, they came full circle. Not sure how they pulled it out after scoring the fewest points ever in the first quarter, and falling behind further and further after that.

I have heard the food at the Barclays Center is top-notch. Perhaps a few pre-game meal rituals were broken and our Bullys indulged in some of Brooklyn’s finest, leading to the low-energy first half.

You may not have realized that the Bulls have three All-Stars this year.

We’ve got Jo.

We’ve got Lu.

And now, we’ve got Los. Another double double, with 29 points and 18 rebounds vs. the Nets.

While it was definitely a downer having to watch the game on TNT and listen to the clown commentators, I will say, that I took consolation in the fact that our Bulls shined on the big stage on national TV. (In the end, that is. I doubt anyone caught the first half anyway.)

And I’ll cut the Czar (Mike Fratello) a break. I actually didn’t mind listening to him and his sidekick (didn’t catch his name) too much. And since the Bulls are not the Heat and the Nets are not OKC, I think we may have gotten a relatively impartial perspective.

Injury city started in Brooklyn, and it continued there last night, but it’s no problem. We’ve got Nate, Naz, Jimmy and our All-Stars.

Luol: “We have guys who are hungry to play. We just like playing together and respond.”

And for once, it really felt good to be on the winning end of an unexpected comeback. Because the Bulls have sure seen their fair share of the other side, allowing wins to slip away.

Always have been a fan of Brooklyn, and now it looks like my Bulls might be Brooklyn lovers too. My birthplace seems to be treating us all well.


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