So the Wizards cast their spell on our Bulls and they lose by 4 points.

Ah, I’m sure it must be part of some Coach Thibs’ strategy to help the Bulls get a better (not necessarily higher) seed in the Eastern Conference.

But how about Nazr! A double double, with 12 points and 12 rebounds. Vintage moves. I love this guy. Complemented, of course, by Boozer with another double double, and since LeBron seems to be resting until the playoffs, it looks like Boozer has surpassed him in the rankings.

So another two players lost to the cause. Taj with a knee injury and Captain Kirk. Well, he wasn’t a happy camper. Hit the road Jack…yup, he got tossed. At least he had a lot of pals to hang with in the locker room, since half the team seems to have taken up permanent residence there.

I think the guys spent too much time sightseeing, or maybe they were star-struck hanging with Obama all day. And given the regular start time and all, you woulda thought the Bulls could pull this one off. They were supposed to win all 10 of their final games.

It’s not Easter or Easter Monday any more, so no holiday excuses.

Not sure if it’s more difficult to believe in the existence of wizards, or come to terms with the fact that the Bulls lost to them. Not once, but twice this year.

Life sure is strange. But back to equilibrium with a victory in my hometown, Brooklyn on Thursday. Remember? What you think you become.

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